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Word family noun water waters adjective underwater water waterless verb water adverb underwater
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waterwa‧ter1 /ˈwɔːtə $ ˈwɒːtər, ˈwɑː-/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [uncountable] 1 liquidDNWATER the clear liquid without colour, smell, or taste that falls as rain and that is used for drinking, washing etc There’s water all over the bathroom floor. Does anyone want a drink of water? a glass of sparkling mineral water All rooms have hot and cold running water. Pour boiling water over the rice and let it soak. a fresh water spring When dealing with a burst pipe, always turn off the water first. contamination of the local water supply2 area of water a) DNWATERan area of water such as the sea, a lake etcshallow/deep water Rangoon is surrounded on three sides by water. Denzil dived into the water. He stepped down to the water’s water (=by boat) The temple can only be reached by water. b) DNWATERthe surface of a lake, river etcunderwateron the water something floating on the water3 waters4 high/low water5 uncharted/troubled/murky waters6 be (all) water under the bridge7 like water8 like water off a duck’s back9 somebody’s waters break10 water on the brain/knee11 take the waters12 make/pass water soda water, toilet water, → in deep water at deep1(15), → take to something like a duck to water at duck1(4), → of the first water at first1(18), → (be/feel) like a fish out of water at fish1(3), → not hold water at hold1(37), → in hot water at hot1(9), → muddy the waters at muddy2(2), → pour cold water over/on something at pour(6), → still waters run deep at still2(5), → test the water at test2(7), → tread water at tread1(5), → troubled waters at troubled(3)COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + water drinking water (=water that you can drink safely)There is no source of drinking water on the island.tap water (=water that comes out of a tap)The tap water is not safe to drink.bottled water (=water to drink that you buy in bottles)Sales of bottled water have rocketed.mineral water (=water that has natural substances in it, and is sold in bottles)The mineral water comes from the Scottish mountain.spring water (=water that comes naturally out of the ground and has not been treated with any chemicals, usually sold in bottles)I ordered a glass of spring water.running water (=water that comes out of a system of pipes into buildings)Only half the city’s houses had running water.fresh water (=water in lakes, rivers etc that does not contain salt)This bird is usually found in open country near fresh water.salt water (=water from the sea, or water to which salt has been added)He washed his hands in a pool of salt water.hard (=containing a lot of calcium)Hard water is formed as rainwater passes down through layers of limestone.soft (=not containing much calcium)In our area the water is quite soft.hotThere isn't any hot water!coldThe water in the pool was pretty cold.lukewarm (=only slightly warm)Stir the yeast into lukewarm water.cleanMillions of people do not have access to clean drinking water.dirtyDiseases can be spread by dirty water.contaminated (=water that has harmful substances in it)They became ill from drinking contaminated water.soapyWash your hands with hot soapy water.water + NOUNthe water supply (=water and the lakes, reservoirs etc where it is stored )A dam was built to improve the water supply.a water shortageThere is a severe water shortage in many parts of the country.phrasesa glass of waterShe poured herself a glass of water.a drink of waterHe asked for a drink of water.verbsturn the water off/on (=turn a tap to stop water coming out of pipes or to let it come out)Turn the water off while you're brushing your teeth.water runsI let the cool water run down my back.water flowsWe watched the water flow under the bridge.
Examples from the Corpus
waterThey maintained the momentum of the privatization programme in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the privatization of electricity and water.In a dilute solution in water, it is familiar as a household antiseptic.Nurse it along with a little water and sunshine for a few months.Then it turned around and went back for a drink of water.Could I have a glass of water, please?I'd just like a glass of water, please.I can't believe our water bill is so high.Sugar maple sap is nearly tasteless and about 98 percent water.Some of the bacteria are found in rivers, lakes, mud, and even rain water.All the rooms in the hotel have hot and cold running water.As we got deeper into the forest we could hear the sound of running water.Never drink sea water.By the end of the hot summer of '76, there was a serious water shortage.Stone fish lie on the ocean bed, often in shallow water.This reservoir supplies water to half of Los Angeles.It was all very slow, very lovely, the glow burning and the darkness coming and the water moving.Condensed milk is produced by removing about 50% of the water content of whole milk.There's something floating on the water.Come swimming! The water's great!The water level of the River Thames has risen 14" in the past few days.Humans can't survive for more than a few days without water.turn off the waterIf the valve has jammed shut, causing the feed-and-expansion tank to run dry, again turn off the water supply.Hide the toilet paper and turn off the water.She turned off the water and from the suds pulled out a broken plate.She turned off the water and stepped out on to the rug, dried herself, and dressed in jeans and a shirt.A boiler had overturned, they couldn't turn off the water.Howard laid down the hose and went to turn off the water.He must, if he is going away for the winter, turn off the water and empty the boiler.on the waterA dull glare had appeared on the water.They spent fifteen, twenty hours a day on the water.It grew quickly, putting six fairly large eaves on the water surface - but the Kissers ignored them.Seawitch moved gently on the water.When everyone is on the water, we still have spare craft to choose from.A twelve hour day, a supper; then back out on the water for another eight.Strangely, it seemed less dark out on the water than on land.Muttering savagely, she turned on the water and started tossing the plates and cups into the sink.
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waterwater2 ●●○ verb 1 plant/land [transitive]TAWATER if you water plants or the ground they are growing in, you pour water on them Will you water my houseplants while I’m away? The garden needs watering daily.2 your eyes water3 animal [transitive]TADHP to give an animal water to drink Have the horses been fed and watered?4 river [transitive] technicalSGWATER if an area is watered by a river, the river flows through it and provides it with water Colombia is watered by several rivers.Grammar Water is usually passive in this meaning.5 weaken [transitive] (also water down)DFDWATER to add water to a drink to make it less strong water something ↔ down
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Examples from the Corpus
waterChopping onions always makes my eyes water.After a tour of the facilities, our guests were fed and watered.The plain is watered by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.Would you mind watering my plants while I'm away?Could you water my plants while I'm gone?Many farmers use low-flying aircraft to water their crops.During the drought, residents were barred from watering their gardens, or washing their cars.Make sure you water this summer.Cory Selliker, his eyes watering under the brim of his black Earnhardt cap, heard Marchman's advice to let go.
From King Business Dictionarywaterwa‧ter /ˈwɔːtəˈwɒːtər, ˈwɑː-/ verb water something → down→ See Verb tableOrigin water1 Old English wæter