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utensilu‧ten‧sil /juːˈtensəl/ ●○○ noun [countable] DFUTOOLa thing such as a knife, spoon etc that you use when you are cooking kitchen utensils
Examples from the Corpus
utensilLiquid formulations are also produced for tank soaking of carbonised utensils.They come fully equipped with beds, furniture, bathtubs and cooking utensils.We packed a few essential cooking utensils such as pots and a can opener for our camping trip.Crockery and eating utensils should be washed in hot water and detergent.And the little hooks for hanging utensils.These promotional items are wonderful collectibles and range from stuffed animals and dolls to cereal bowls and kitchen utensils.Shoes, clothing, leather goods, candles and kitchen utensils are all produced.You will find a wide range of kitchen utensils in our cookshop on the second floor.Peter found the potato peeler in a drawer full of utensils.Remove eggplant with slotted utensil and set aside.A particular knife perhaps, or some other essential-at-the-time utensil?
Origin utensil (1300-1400) Old French utensile, from Latin utensilis useful, from uti; USE1