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From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspacespace1 /speɪs/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 empty area [uncountable]SPACE/ROOM the amount of an area, room, container etc that is empty or available to be usedspace for There’s space for a table and two chairs. How much space is there on each disk?more/less/enough space Now that we’ve got three kids, it’d be nice to have a bit more to do something He had plenty of space to study. The hedge takes up too much space.sense/feeling of space (=the feeling that a place is large and empty, so you can move around easily) In small homes, a single colour scheme can create a sense of space.2 area for particular purpose [countable, uncountable]SPACE/GAP an area, especially one used for a particular purpose a supermarket with 700 free parking spacesstorage/cupboard/shelf space We really do need more storage space. the factory’s floor space (=the size of the available floor area)3 between things [countable]SPACE/GAP an empty place between two things, or between two parts of something SYN gapspace between the space between the house and the garage There was an empty space where the flowers had been.see thesaurus at hole4 outside the Earth [uncountable]HATTS the area beyond the Earth where the stars and planets arein/into space Who was the first American in space? creatures from outer space (=far away in space)space travel/research/programme/exploration the history of space travelGrammarDon’t say ‘the space’ in this meaning. You say: One day people will live in space. Don’t say: One day people will live in the space. 5 where things exist [uncountable]HPAREA all of the area in which everything exists, and in which everything has a position or direction the exact point in space where two lines meet how people of other cultures think about time and space 6 time a) in/within the space of somethingPERIOD OF TIME within a particular period of time Mandy had four children in the space of four years. b) a short space of time a short period of time They achieved a lot in a short space of time.7 empty land [countable, uncountable]AREA land, or an area of land that has not been built on a pleasant town centre with plenty of open space the wide open spaces of the prairies the loss of green space in cities8 freedom [uncountable]FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT the freedom to do what you want or do things on your own, especially in a relationship with someone else We give each other space in our marriage. She needed time and space to sort out her life.9 in writing [countable] a) EMPTYan empty area between written or printed words, lines etc Leave a space after each number. b) SPACE/GAPthe width of a typed letter of the alphabet The word ‘the’ takes up three spaces. c) EMPTYa place provided for you to write your name or other information on a document, piece of paper etc Please write any comments in the space provided.10 in a report/book [uncountable]TCN the amount of space in a newspaper, magazine, or book that is used for a particular subject The story got very little space in the national newspapers.11 look/stare/gaze into space breathing space, personal space, → waste of space at waste1(5), → watch this space at watch1(11)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: an empty place between two things, or between two parts of somethingadjectivessmallThere was only a small space between the car and the wall.narrow Nathan stood in the doorway, filling the narrow space.a confined/enclosed space (=small and enclosed)It was difficult being together in such a confined empty spaceAnother day we returned to find an empty space where the TV should have been.a blank space (=on a page, wall etc)Write your refund request in the blank space on Line 9.verbsclear/make a spaceJack cleared a space for his newspaper on the table.leave a spaceLeave a space for the title at the in/into a spaceDecide what kind of table and chairs will fit best into the space. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 4: the area beyond the Earth where the stars and planets areadjectivesouter space (=areas a long way from the Earth)Meteorites are rocks from outer space.deep space (=areas a very long way from the Earth)The probe will continue its journey into deep + NOUNspace travelWhat will space travel be like in the future?space explorationThey are developing robots that can be used for space researchThe institute is a world leader in space research.a space programme British English, a space program American EnglishThis technology was originally developed by the American space program.phrasesthe far/furthest/vast reaches of space (=the far, furthest etc areas of space)Light takes time to travel across the vast reaches of space.
Examples from the Corpus
spacespace explorationCould you find me a space to store these boxes in?It's a good idea if you can organise a space for each cat to call its own.In Judaism, God is not restricted by time and space.Circulation space for vehicles should be reduced in favour of pedestrians and cyclists, with public transport benefiting from this and other favourable measures.The new Computer Desk looks like a big, traditional desk yet features concealing spaces for electronic components.Because each film will take up a tremendous amount of computer disk space, only one will be available at a time.I couldn't find an empty space in the car park.The air of empty spaces still lingered around her.The students were told to fill in the empty spaces with suitable adjectives.The city would be unbearable in the summer without its green spaces.Plant cells contain liquid in spaces called vacuoles.Now calculate the exact position in space where the two lines meet.The story got very little space in the major newspapers.Tens of thousands of acres of farmland are swallowed up each year by developers seeking living space for the city's fast-growing population.I wish we had more space in our office.Most strikingly, the Daily Mirror almost halved its public-affairs coverage as a proportion of space in 1937 compared with 1927.London's parks and open spacesFor this, it had to be given lungs, in the shape of open spaces, squares, parks and gardens.the wide open spaces of the American Westa parking spaceDo you want me to go home and give you some space?Our apartment is small, and doesn't have much storage space.The children hid in the space between the wall and the sofa.The cat was in the space between the refrigerator and the wall.The space between the old building and the Morgan mansion has been converted into a marble-paved court, with plantings and a fountain.Inspectors may have to climb ladders or many flights of stairs, or may have to crawl around in tight spaces.Be sure to put two spaces between sentences.sense/feeling of spaceIn a busy home a cool, understated colour scheme is a sure way of creating a feeling of space.Downstairs the bar's lay-out has been cleverly designed soas to lend a feeling of space without losing a certain cosiness.Wooden balconies jutted out from the upper storeys, giving the plaza not only a feeling of space but of intimacy.Staples has a reedy, careworn voice that is oddly uplifting, and his music has a country sense of space.There's a similar sense of humour and a dissimilar sense of space.There is a great sense of space and elegance amidst the beautiful gardens, churches and palaces.The sense of space is an illusion.floor spaceAs large a group as can fit has gathered in the available floor space to dance.Newsagents across the country had cleared extra floor space for the 60,000 additional copies of the paper.How did mall stores battle back, saddled with higher rents, less floor space and lower volume than their competitors?An internal ramp of the maximum permitted gradient would take up too much floor space in the small shop.Each speaker requires slightly more than a square foot of floor space and weighs 55 pounds.There was only I m of floor space in front of the ascent engine cover.By joining with Strawberries, Bloomberg said he gets four times the floor space for roughly the same occupancy travel/research/programme/explorationA space programme was relevant to delivering bombs, as well as to hoisting Intelligence satellites.He became irregular in his sobriety and would launch into disconnected, hortatory speeches about such matters as space exploration.Should he have gone into space research after all?At first, this form of space travel seemed possible.Making that decision, alas, is an imperfect art, upon which the future of space exploration has long rested.There is no doubt that the inhabitants once possessed space travel.Fortunately President Johnson was possibly an even more passionate supporter of the space programme.time and spaceI saw clouds passing swiftly by and I sensed my own movement in another time and space.This reality is beyond time and space and every limitation, and therefore beyond human thought itself.One thing was clear: time could have neither beginning nor end, time and space were eternal.For the legal process demands that incidents and occurrences be ideally fixed in time and space.It allows the study of a rapid societal development limited in time and space within very narrow boundaries.There clearly are standard systems for locating points in time and space.Despite frequently pulling 10 men behind the ball, they allowed Arsenal too much time and space.You learn to control your time and spaceWe will encourage more parks, gardens and green spaces.The refinery's 175 hectares will be replaced by areas of parks and green spaces.The purpose of the surveys is to expose consensus and conflicts about popular values for green spaces close to the city.Other goals that were achieved included a vast increase in green space and a major expansion of the community college system.Fewer still would argue that people did not need green spaces within their communities.Distant trucks coming at us looked slow until they got parallel to us across the green space.I liked the green spaces of Nam, too.The gardens are a welcome green space within the bustling Town.needed ... spaceShe had thought Carolyn needed a space in which to pull herself together, not to crack up.In 1724 the University Garden needed more space and Boerhaave used his newly purchased country estate at nearby Oud-Poelgeest as an extension.Temporary additional shelving was installed in the periodicals gallery to provide some much needed space for growth.Making love was all very well, pleasant and soporific if not exactly ecstatic, but afterwards ... she needed her space.Her lover said she needed time and space to rethink her parameters.She needed space and time to think, time to sort out this mess of mixed emotions.Nearly half of the needed spaces could be added through renovations to existing public rest areas, he said.We needed the added space for the contract work we ... spaceNate, Gotler, Connors, and Banjo each got a ten-foot space along the other side.But how many of us have got the space?Now I got gaps and spaces!He says it's got no space but it's fun.They've got time and space to develop and be different.
spacespace2 ●●○ (also space out) verb 1 [transitive always + adverb/preposition]SPACE/GAP to arrange objects or events so that they have equal spaces or periods of time between them They used three microphones spaced several yards apart. Try to space out your classes and study in evenly spaced (=with equal spaces) For security, use three evenly spaced bolts per post.2 [intransitive] informal to stop paying attention and just look in front of you without thinking, especially because you are bored or have taken drugs I completely spaced out during the lecture. spaced out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
spaceThese ideal launch times are naturally spaced about 25. 6 months apart in time.Several low rise hotels, backed by quiet citrus groves, are spaced around the half mile bay.evenly spaced bulbs on the tunnel's inside wallsParticularly suitable for a woman who is spacing her pregnancies or who has completed her family, and for older women.He saw no fire suppression, but scant brush and ample spacing of pines where wildfires regularly moved through the forests.The pleats can be spaced out if preferred, needing approximately two and a half times fullness.The three injections are spaced several months apart.The pockets in the perfect grey limestone became smaller and more spaced, the footholds doubtful, sloping evenly spacedSuch regular joint patterns appear to develop when the centres of contraction are evenly spaced.
From King Business Dictionaryspacespace /speɪs/ noun1[uncountable] the area or amount of room in a newspaper, magazine etc that is used for a particular subject advertising space print space2[countable, uncountable]PROPERTY land or an area of land that has not been built uponIt has an attractive town centre with lots of open spaces. incubator spaceOrigin space1 (1200-1300) Old French espace, from Latin spatium area, room, length of space or time