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otheroth‧er /ˈʌðə $ ˈʌðər/ ●●● S1 W1 determiner, adjective, pronoun 1 DIFFERENTthe second of two used to refer to the second of two people or things, which is not the one you already have or the one you have already mentionedthe/your other I can’t find my other shoe. One man was arrested, but the other one got away. He kept shifting awkwardly from one foot to the other. She took it for granted that each knew who the other was.2 REMAIN/BE LEFTthe rest used to refer to all the people or things in a group apart from the one you have already mentioned or the one that is already known aboutthe/your other The other hotels are all full. She’s much brighter than all the other children in her class. I chose this coat in the end because the other ones were all too expensive.the/your others I can see Julie, but where have all the others gone?3 additional used to refer to additional people or things of the same kind There are one or two other problems I’d like to discuss. I’ve got some other friends I’d like to invite. Have you any other questions?among others (=used when mentioning one or more examples) The guests included, among others, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson.4 different used to refer to a different person or thing from the one you have already mentioned or the one that is already known about David and Jessica were playing with two other children. You’d better change into some other clothes. Do you envy other women who seem to manage their lives better? Can we discuss this some other time? There is no other job I would rather do. Saudi Arabia produces more oil than any other country. I hope you will learn to show more respect for others (=other people).some ... others Some people are at greater risk than others.5 opposite used to refer to the thing that is opposite you, furthest from you, or moving away from youthe other side/end/direction etc You can park on the other side of the street. He lives at the other end of the road. She drove off in the other direction. 6 other than7 none other than somebody8 the other way around/round9 the other day/morning/week etc10 something/someone/somewhere etc or other11 in other words12 the other woman another, each other, → every other at every(5), → on the one hand ... on the other hand at hand1(5)GRAMMAR: ComparisonotherYou use other before a plural noun: children from other countries Don’t say: others countriesothersOthers is a plural pronoun meaning ‘other people or things’: We try to help others.anotherAnother is written as one word: There must be another way of doing it. Don’t write: an other
Examples from the Corpus
the other oneHere's one sock, but where's the other one?Ritchie had opened the other one.She left everything to the son in the will she gave him, and everything to the daughter in the other one.One of us sits in a chair, and the other one holds a gun on him.I started regular water changes, and one fish now eats a little, but the other one spits it out.Because the other one that is at five is on Monday and Wednesday nights too.Sometimes we were a few feet higher, sometimes the other one was.But the other one, well, I caught a glimpse.the other onesIf one of these is also odd perfect, then it has to be the sum of all the other ones?Well, neither is, uh, some of the other ones here.But all the other ones, like I can see if you have a choice, because they are so expensive.Beethoven Lives Upstairs' and the other ones that followed, where the interest is anecdotal and historical.Then there were the other ones, the disappointed ones.any otherBut it is hard to fit the evidence to any other conclusion.In fact, they are similar to the seismic waves from any other earthquake anywhere in the world.Not withstanding this limitation, the powers contained in the section do not restrict any other express or implied rights of action.If people can not remember any other name from the crew, they do remember hers.ChamberBiz offers more relevant content than any other place on the Internet to help small business solve their daily problems.Shull said he did not know whether there were any other shareholders in the corporation.Even steel, which Indiana makes more of than any other state, has stayed sprightly.Between them, they monopolised the media to the virtual exclusion of any other viewpoint.some ... othersSome paradigms have achieved limited success in some areas; others do better in yet other areas.the other side/end/direction etcIn the majority of cases it is preferable that there should be service of the application upon the other side.The oxygen ion passes through the membrane and emerges on the other side as pure oxygen gas.Roll over and repeat the last 2 exercises on the other side: Hip and Thigh Extender x 35.At the other end of the political spectrum, some left-leaning think tanks take money from interested parties.Another door lay on the other side of the room.At least if you did not cross beyond, say, to the other side of the school.And now he had finished training, and was gone to find his fate on the other side of the world.Drivers coming from the other direction raised a hand to thank me for allowing them to pass.
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