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odouro‧dour British English, odor American English /ˈəʊdə $ ˈoʊdər/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable] COa smell, especially an unpleasant oneodour of the faint odour of dampstrong/unpleasant/pungent/offensive etc odour obnoxious odours from a factorysee thesaurus at smell body odour
Examples from the Corpus
odourHowever, conditions may be attached to any site licence which may have the effect of preventing any odour pollution from arising.I felt the shock of the old, of the Mummy smell, the atomised odour of atavism.We immediately noticed the heavy odour of opium in the room.Left untreated, the disease produces massive skin folds, fissures and a weeping cauliflower surface that produces a terrible odour.And the odour can be carried as much as a mile away if the wind is blowing in that direction.But the odour of the colourless liquid was of bitter almonds, acrid and terrifying.Von Frisch did not doubt the odour theory of how honeybees find food until the 1940s.Consequently, the more odorous molecules adsorbed, the more the odour is removed.It smelt not only of mud and rotting materials, but also the unmistakable odour of human waste.strong/unpleasant/pungent/offensive etc odourThe stewardess came down the aisle, a big-breasted young woman exuding a strong odour of perspiration.A strong odour of curry predominated.Local authorities in industrial Teesside received many complaints about an unpleasant odour resembling decaying fish.There was an unpleasant odour blowing along our road all next day.They couldn't detect the smell of cocaine through the more pungent odour of coffee.Salivation. Offensive odour of mouth is marked.It was now three in the afternoon, and the offensive odour had been plaguing the neighbours since 10.30 in the morning.The room smelt stale and musty with the pungent odour of the fat tallow candles placed on the desk.