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Word family noun electrician electricity electrics electrification adjective electric electrical electrified electrifying verb electrify adverb electrically
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electricale‧lec‧tri‧cal /ɪˈlektrɪkəl/ ●●○ S3 adjective 1 TEErelating to electricity The fire was caused by an electrical fault. an electrical engineer (=a person who designs and makes electrical equipment)2 using electricityelectrical equipment/goods/appliances etcelectrically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
electricalHer hair is short, gingery and electrical.He picks up sensations, like electrical charges, from the hard inner walls that contain him.The changing magnetic fields create an electrical current.electrical equipmentWe know that both cars suffered from electrical faults but as yet we have not identified them.Think of our public systems as an infrastructure-like sewers, water pipes, and electrical lines-and the idea of transparency becomes electrical technicianGiant electrical transmission towers loom over some of the bare lots.He scarcely heard her soft voice going on about paraffin heaters and electrical wall fans.They live under high-voltage electrical wire.Ensure that any electrical wiring is not hidden beneath the insulation.electrical faultHave a residual current device fitted to protect the property from the risk of fire started by an electrical fault.The blaze was caused by an electrical fault.The cause has been described as an electrical fault.But be prepared and able to speak without it just in case it is not available or an electrical fault develops.On the other hand it could have been an electrical fault ... he's waiting for the results of the investigation.More recently, stories have circulated that mechanical or electrical faults in factories are due to gremlins taking over the working of machines.An electrical fault is believed to have been the cause.Cleveland police said it was believed an electrical fault started the fire in a ground-floor flat.electrical equipment/goods/appliances etcFor added safety, we will fit miniature circuit breakers to provide reliable and easily operated protection when using any electrical equipment.His new job is to make sure lights and electrical appliances are switched off.You can shop for bargains in clothes, cameras and electrical goods in modern malls.He has been in the business for about 14 years and follows aerospace and electrical equipment makers.The panels or arrays are used to run electrical appliances or systems and are connected to batteries to store surplus power.The fire, at Cragside, was in a first floor bedroom and was believed to be caused by electrical equipment overheating.Money center banks, telephone and drug issues gained, while communications equipment, beverage and electrical equipment shares sank.In March new electrical equipment was ordered from B.T-H. for these cars and new trucks were considered, but turned down.