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Word family noun cleaner cleaning cleanliness clean cleanser adjective cleanunclean verb clean cleanse adverb clean cleanly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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cleaningclean‧ing /ˈkliːnɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] CLEANthe process or job of making a house, office etc clean Liz comes on Thursdays to do the lady/woman (=a woman who cleans houses, offices etc as her job)
Examples from the Corpus
cleaningThis exclusion applies equally to domestic cleaning as to professional cleaning.If the impeller won't move, you will have to remove the pump for cleaning.Fittings should be completely removed for cleaning.This compartment has been specially contoured with smooth rounded corners to assist in making cleaning yet again easier.Women still do most of the cleaning in the home.Its accessories enable the basic unit to use the cleaning and sterilising power of steam for cleaning, too.Eventually a more thorough cleaning will remove any dirt and later retouching.Simple things like window cleaning or car washing can be quite the cleaningHow often do you use your vacuum cleaner, and what do you wear to do the cleaning?