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citizenshipcit‧i‧zen‧ship /ˈsɪtəzənʃɪp/ ●○○ noun [uncountable] 1 TCBthe legal right of belonging to a particular countrynationalityFrench/US/Brazilian etc citizenship I have applied for French citizenship. McGuirk holds dual citizenship (=the legal right of being a citizen in two countries) in Ireland and the US.2 the ways in which a good citizen behaves, for example being responsible and helping their community The schools should be responsible for teaching our children good citizenship.
Examples from the Corpus
citizenshipActive citizenship, in the form of participatory democracy, is only possible in small communities where there is no organisational complexity.Anything less would be second-class citizenship in the world of intercollegiate sports.Women were granted the vote and given equal citizenship for the first time in the 1950 Constitution.Krebs was granted French citizenship in 1992.I believe Scout groups help teach good citizenship.I will give him citizenship if he asks.The child must learn how to learn, for learning is the defining pre-requisite of modern citizenship.Many bureaucrats have not been welcoming, illegally charging for forms that the newcomers have to complete to obtain citizenship.The electronic republic, therefore, has already started to redefine the traditional roles of citizenship and political leadership.After five years in the US, foreign nationals can apply for full US citizenship.dual citizenshipCostas has dual citizenship in the U.S. and the Philippines.Why, Fox is so diverse that he even has dual citizenship -- neither of them in the United States.Some of the athletes in this international potpourri, like Kaila, McGuirk and Thomson, hold dual citizenship.However, dual citizenship would not be allowed.Mr Kohl himself has floated the idea of offering dual citizenship on a trial basis.good citizenshipWork Ethics Schools need to emphasize and demand basic work ethics and good citizenship from students.What do teachers think makes good citizenship education?No zealous advocate of good citizenship would argue that political participation ought to be pursued to the neglect of all other obligations.These are also the characteristics of good citizenship, and they should be emphasized in the teaching of all subjects.It is the very foundation of good citizenship.Boxing is a means toward good citizenship, of fair play, of self-reliance.