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Word family noun chemical chemist chemistry adjective chemical adverb chemically
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chemistrychem‧is‧try /ˈkeməstri/ ●●● W3 noun [uncountable] 1 HCthe science that is concerned with studying the structure of substances and the way that they change or combine with each otherbiochemistry, biology, physics2 if there is chemistry between two people, they like each other and find each other attractivechemistry between It’s obvious that there’s a very real chemistry between them.3 the way substances combine in a particular process, thing, person etc a person’s body chemistry
Examples from the Corpus
chemistryFrom this, Lovelock concluded that any planet that has life would reveal a chemistry that held odd imbalances.Following the presentations Prof Ward spoke about chemistry and the environment.The drug may cause changes in a person's body chemistry.Teams with good chemistry win.Edison was his hero; chemistry and electricity were his passions.Fleischmann graduated in 1948 and began to study for his doctorate in chemistry which he obtained in 1951.Such interviews are particularly important to assess character and to see if the interpersonal chemistry is right.In the meantime, this high-school chemistry experiment gone awry continues.Chuck's a nice guy, but the chemistry isn't right.As soon as we met I could feel the chemistry between us.The chemistry between Hepburn and Tracy is obvious.The chemistry between the two stars makes the movie a pleasure to watch.