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biologybi‧ol‧o‧gy /baɪˈɒlədʒi $ -ˈɑːl-/ ●●● W3 noun [uncountable] 1 HBthe scientific study of living things a degree in biology2 HBthe scientific laws that control the life of a particular type of animal, plant etc the biology of bacteria
Examples from the Corpus
biologyNational Socialism is nothing more than applied biology.We no more understand how biology emerges from physics than we understand how classical measuring apparatus emerges from quantum mechanics.She has a degree in biology.Hamilton has a habit of being at the right place in biology at the right time.In biology the equations are as much the product of evolution as traits such as eye color.And even a non- biology major could tell the rubbery item with the tentacles was obviously related to an octopus.After being enrolled at the university at the age of seventeen, Freud studied physiology, biology and anatomy.As far as I recall from school biology, you do not acquire relatives by waving.Substitute biology teacher John Scopes volunteered to be the test case.
Origin biology (1800-1900) German biologie, from bio- + -logie -logy