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From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoliticspol‧i‧tics /ˈpɒlətɪks $ ˈpɑː-/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 [uncountable]POLITICS ideas and activities relating to gaining and using power in a country, city etcpolitical, politician a good understanding of politics in China modern American politics Politics have always interested Anita.national/local etc politics Brooke’s been involved in city politics since college. The president should stand above party politics (=working only for your political party).GRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In this meaning, politics is usually followed by a singular verb: Politics plays no part in this decision.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: Politics play no part in this decision.2 [uncountable]POLITICS the profession of being a politician Flynn retired from politics in 1986. Her father’s trying to enter politics. Smith went into politics in his early twenties.3 [plural]SS the activities of people who are concerned with gaining personal advantage within a group, organization etc I’m tired of dealing with all of the office politics. Her art examines sexual politics (=how power is shared between men and women).the politics of something the politics of race and class at American universities4 [plural]POLITICS someone’s political beliefs and opinions I assume her politics must be fairly conservative.5 [uncountable] especially British EnglishSEPP the study of political power and systems of government SYN political science Tom is studying for a degree in politics.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + politicsnational politicsMark had always been keen to have a career in national politics.local politicsAnn is very active in local politicsThe two superpowers that dominated international politicsThere was much going on in world politics at the time.domestic politics (=within a country)The war had a major impact on the country’s domestic politics (=trying to make your party successful)He believes that party politics has no place in local government.power politics (=attempting to get power by using or threatening to use force)The party argued that power politics would always lead to war.phrasesbe involved in politicsAfter university, he became involved in local politics.take part in politicsYoung people should be encouraged to take part in active in politics (=be involved in)I was very active in politics before I retired.interfere/meddle in politicsHe warned the army against interfering in politics. THESAURUSright-wing adjective a right-wing person or group wants low taxes, a strong army and police force, and the individual to be free from government interference as much as possibleright-wing political partiesSome of his supporters are very right-wing.right-wing policies on gun controlleft-wing adjective a left-wing person or group wants the government to make society more equal by increasing taxes for rich people, and taking control of important industries and servicesa left-wing newspaper His views are very adjective [usually before noun] supporting policies and principles which will protect the environmentgreen politiciansthe Green PartyThe government is under pressure to improve its green credentials (=to seem more like it wants to protect the environment).radical adjective supporting political ideas that will involve great changeradical politiciansa radical economic reform programmeliberal adjective supporting political ideas that will allow people to have greater freedomThey want the government to have a more liberal policy on drugs.moderate adjective having political opinions which are not extremePeople generally become more moderate as they get older. The bill is supported by moderate Republicans.extreme adjective having political opinions which are considered to be very unreasonable by many peopleHis views on immigration are very extreme right-wing organization
Examples from the Corpus
politicsPolitics doesn't interest me much.The University runs a course in American politics and government.This is a very wide claim and one which potentially includes questions concerning the relationships between women, power and politics.With presidential campaigning fully upon the nation, the appearance of costly hearings driven by politics will be difficult to avoid.Brock's been involved in city politics since college.Comparative politics focuses on similarities and differences in political processes and structures.On the university level almost all respondents in each country follow politics.The doctor, whatever her politics and morals, had lovely skilful hands, which Phoebe could not but admire.But a lot of people are mature enough to separate the person from his politics.She's been in politics for over twenty years.Maria is very interested in politics and current affairs.He made the decision to go into politics last year.The dominant figure in local Labour politics was Stephen McGonagle.Thomson has always been deeply involved in local important figure in the world of politicsI'm tired of dealing with all of the office politics.Most of the people questioned thought that unions should not get involved in party politics.I don't agree with Michael's politics, but he's sure a nice politicsThe Treasury saw financial control as being concerned with sound finance and above party politics.Whoever bears the responsibility, the domination of local government by party politics is now almost complete.The extreme social and economic difficulties they faced on independence meant that the emergence of recognizably democratic party politics was by no means certain.Not so different from party politics, really.The Judicature Society reported that half of the male federal judges were active in party politics before their election to the bench.The glaring exception relates to party politics.His move appeared certain to inflame passions in a country noted for the frequently intemperate attitude of its people towards party politics.Was party politics the best way up the ladder of fame?went into politicsMany of them not only stayed in Santa Barbara, but went into politics.Helping people is why I went into politics in the first place.They went into politics because it was one of the things that a certain type of person in a certain station politicsBob Woodward was a prima donna who played heavily at office politics.With some disdain, almost all expressed the need to manage office politics.Then he went back for a week and found he could no longer take the petty office politics.He asks her to cover for him while he is playing office politics elsewhere.Those who stay behind spend their time looking for jobs, playing office politics or simply nursing their wounds.
From King Business Dictionarypoliticspol‧it‧ics /ˈpɒlətɪksˈpɑː-/ noun [uncountable]1ideas and activities relating to gaining and using power in a country, city etca businessman who is also involved in politics2the activities of people who are concerned with gaining personal advantage within a group, organization etcHe left his job because he could no longer take the petty office politics.Origin politics (1500-1600) Greek politika (plural), from politikos; POLITIC