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householdhouse‧hold1 /ˈhaʊshəʊld $ -hoʊld/ ●●○ noun [countable] PERSON/PEOPLEall the people who live together in one house SYN house A growing number of households have at least one computer. Families are classified by the occupation of the head of the household (=the person who earns the most money and is most respected in a house).
Examples from the Corpus
householdSeb found Boz tying some of the bulkier items of his household to the rear of his caravan.a two-income householdIf there were only one, that person could claim a discount, as could poorer households.The Thomas household had five sons by the time Edward was ten years old.the head of the householdThe father as the head of the household.Rates are paid by the head of the household, and some households receive rate rebates.One copy is for the head of the household to complete.Of the remainder, only four were from homes where the head of the household was a non-manual worker.
householdhousehold2 ●●○ adjective [only before noun] 1 HOMErelating to looking after a house and the people in it SYN domestichousehold goods/products/items etc washing powder and other household products household chores2 be a household name/word
Examples from the Corpus
householdhousehold applianceshousehold cleaning productshousehold goods/products/items etcIt will automatically calculate, for example, what proportion of your income goes on things like the car and household items.Water purification has become a major category of consumer interest, and new household products address that concern.Some shoppers look for furniture, toys, books and household items as well.Watch out for household products being used up too fast or appearing in places where they are not usually kept.Prepare a small box or bag containing ordinary household items for each of the expected guests.Second - the day-to-day expenditure such as food, drink, household goods, newspapers, petrol or bus fares.Often, as in household products or industrial chemicals, hot competition among affiliates of big multinationals ensures both growth and cost-competitiveness.Both compounds once were widely used in household products such as glass cleaners, paints and paint thinners.
From King Business Dictionaryhouseholdhouse‧hold1 /ˈhaʊshəʊld-hoʊld/ adjective connected with looking after a house and the people in itretailers of furniture, carpets, and household goodsVideo phones won’t become a household appliance for a long time.householdhousehold2 noun [countable] all the people who live together in one houseThe Labour Force Survey collects information from around 80,000 where the head of the household (=the person who earns the most money) is a non-manual workerOrigin household1 (1300-1400) house + hold keeping, maintaining