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designde‧sign1 /dɪˈzaɪn/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun 1 process of planningDRAWING PLANS [uncountable]AVD the art or process of making a drawing of something to show how you will make it or what it will look like The new plane is in its final design stage. the design process the design team a course in graphic design computer-aided design2 arrangement of partsARRANGEMENT OF PARTS [countable, uncountable]DESIGN the way that something has been planned and made, including its appearance, how it works etc The car’s design has been greatly of the design of the new building Some changes have been made to the computer’s basic design. a design fault The electric windows are an important design feature of this model.3 patternPATTERN [countable]PATTERN a pattern for decorating something a floral design Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of designs.4 drawingDRAWN PLAN [countable]AVD a drawing that shows how something will be made or what it will look likedesign for the design for the new sports centre5 INTENTIONintention [countable, uncountable]INTEND a plan that someone has in their mindby design (=intentionally) We shall never know whether this happened by accident or by design. He has some grand designs for the company. 6 have designs on something7 have designs on somebodyCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: the way that something has been planned and made, including its appearance, how it works etcadjectivesgoodGood design is very important in a house.simpleThe latest model of the car has a much simpler design.modernMany people were against such a modern design in the old city centre.traditional Our new range of furniture has a traditional design.classical (=relating to the style of Ancient Greece or Rome)a large building of classical designthe basic design (=not including all the small details)The basic design of the two churches is very similar.verbscreate/produce a designUse your imagination to create an interesting design in the garden.come up with a design (=think of or suggest one)We asked the architect to come up with another + NOUNa design feature (=something interesting or attractive that is part of the design)The aircraft has some novel design features.a design fault/flaw (=a part of something that does not work well or look good)If a washing-machine makes too much noise, it’s a design fault.
Examples from the Corpus
designTom has several tattoos, and they're all Native American designs.The basic design of the vehicle has been improved.With soft leather upholstery and the careful design that typifies Toyotas, the interior is a comfortable place to be.brightly coloured curtains with an attractive floral designThe arched ceiling is bordered with a hand-painted, floral design.Designers' Saturday has traditionally been used as a launching pad for designs and this year is no exception.The success of the product was largely due to good design.graphic designA range of books has been launched which reflects his design philosophy and style.The new hockey rink is similar in design to the one in San Jose.Conran's furniture was based on simple, modern designs.Dorn has done a great deal of design work on the new city hall.Such similarities are more likely to reflect prevailing ideas of design - the sentiments of the client perhaps.Organization designs should concentrate on work.the design of consumer productsThis design is very common on Turkish carpets.graphic designOn the opposite wall, a print was mounted; an austere graphic design, white and grey to match.Create impressive graphic designs on your walls; all it takes is courage and a little sleight of hand.Richie, the youngest at 15, was in the throes of GCSEs and hopeful of a career in graphic design.A Bay Area native, he started out in graphic design, but soon branched out.Thirdly, the new style guides have clearly been influenced by some interesting graphic design work.Professional advice on graphic design is faultWith three gearboxes making the same noise it seems to me a design fault, but is there a cure?It was a design fault: you couldn't fit a coffin.Reliance on Newt as a unifying bogeyman points to a fundamental design fault in the new Democratic juggernaut. design forThe President will unveil the design for a new World War II memorial on the National designThe law firm is all-female, though not by design.
designdesign2 ●●● S3 W1 AWL verb [transitive] 1 AVDto make a drawing or plan of something that will be made or built The tower was designed by Gilbert something for something She designed a new logo for the company.well/badly etc designed a badly designed office specially designed software2 to plan or develop something for a specific purposebe designed to do something These exercises are designed to strengthen designed for somebody/something The course is designed for designed as something The book is designed as a reference manual.Grammar Design is usually passive in this meaning.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
designThe car was designed and built in Korea.Sally designs and makes all her own clothes.The Ego was designed as a mere postal service which delivers messages to our conscious mind.The office complex was designed by Mitchell Benjamin.Combined with virtual reality capabilities, the team can design its own ideal collaborative work space without the constraints of physical reality.Now, as they design new technology products, Hewlett-Packard engineers can morph within minutes into five or six nimble teams.Leyland designed the microcomputer which controls the ratios.Hong Kong architects designed the restaurants.The offices weren't very well designed - the rooms are too small and it's much too hot in summer.The plates are designed to foil police speed traps.The sparkling white pullover and newly pressed black corduroys were designed to project an image of calm sophistication.Airbags are currently designed to protect average-sized adult males.well/badly etc designedMuch more modern than anything else in the street, they were well designed and built in glossy red brick.Of 32 planned gas-fired power stations, three-quarters are badly designed and likely to waste more than half the gas they use.In general this is a well designed and well made sweater with a stud fastened neck closure and medium height collar.Promotional literature Brochures and tariffs should be well designed, colourful and descriptive.The screens are well designed, colourful and easy to understand.The whole layout is well designed, spacious and suitable for the climate.Yet the whole history of evolution seems superbly well designed to lead to the existence of consciousness.The Merlin sleeping bag is rated as one to two season and comes with a well designed designed to do somethingThese exercises are designed to develop and strengthen muscles.
From King Business Dictionarydesignde‧sign1 /dɪˈzaɪn/ noun1[countable, uncountable] the way in which something has been planned and made, including its appearance, how it works etcOne or two changes have been made to the computer’s basic design.a company that believes in the importance of good design job design2[uncountable] the process of making a drawing of something to show how it will be made or what it will look like computer-aided design graphic design industrial design registered design web designdesigndesign2 verb [intransitive, transitive]1MANUFACTURINGto make a drawing or plan of something that will be made or builtThe theatre was designed by a local architect.a well-designed officeThere were too many badly built, badly designed vehicles.2to plan or develop something for a specific purposebe designed to do somethingsoftware that is designed to work in Microsoft Windowsbe designed forThe course is designed for people who are learning business designed asThe program is designed as an incentive for Iowa companies to create new jobs.→ See Verb tableOrigin design2 (1300-1400) French désigner, from Latin designare, from signare to mark