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writewrite /raɪt/ ●●● S1 W1 verb (past tense wrote /rəʊt $ roʊt/, past participle written /ˈrɪtn/) 1 book/article/poem etc a) [intransitive, transitive]WRITE to produce a new book, article, poem etc He wrote some very famous books. Who wrote ‘Harry Potter’? I can’t come with you – I have an essay to write.write about O'Brien often writes about her native Ireland.well/badly/poorly etc written The article is very well written. b) [intransitive] someone who writes earns money by writing books, plays, articles etc Sean decided he wanted to write, and quit his job.write for Maureen Dowd writes for ‘The New York Times’.2 letter [intransitive, transitive]WRITE to put words in a letter to someonewrite to I’ve written to my MP, and to the city council.write somebody American English Chris hasn’t written me for a long time. I wrote her several letters, but she didn’t reply.GRAMMAR: Patterns with writeYou write to someone: She writes to me every month.In American English, you can also write someone: She writes me every month.You write someone a letter, note, story etc: Please write me a letter soon. Don’t say: Please write to me a letter soon.You write to someone about a subject or an experience: He wrote to me about his trip to France. Don’t say: He wrote to me his trip to France.Write is often used in the progressive: I am writing to tell you something important.3 form words [intransitive, transitive]WRITE to form letters or numbers with a pen or pencil Kerry could read and write when she was five.4 state something [transitive] to state something in a book, letter, advertisement etc, or on a labelwrite (that) Isabella wrote that she was dying, and asked him to visit her for the last time.be written on something The price is written on the label.5 music/song [transitive] to write a piece of music or a song Mozart wrote the music. The song was originally written by Leonard Cohen. 6 computer program [transitive] to make a program for a computer to use He writes software programs for financial institutions.7 a computer records something [intransitive, transitive] if a computer writes something, it records it on a disk or in its memorywrite to/onto data that had been written to disk8 cheque/document etc (also write out) [transitive]WRITE to write information on a cheque, form etc Wouldn’t it be easier if I just wrote a cheque for the lot? The doctor wrote me a prescription for sleeping pills.9 penWORKING/NOT BROKEN [intransitive] if a pen writes, it works properly Do any of these pens write?10 have something/be written all over your face11 have something written all over it12 nothing to write home about13 somebody wrote the book on something14 that’s all she wroteTHESAURUSwrite to use a pen or pencil to make words, letters etcHave you written a shopping list?The children are learning to read and write.write something down to write something on paper, in order to remember it or make a recordHe wrote down everything she said.put to write something in a particular place, or to write particular wordsI’ve put the dates of the meetings in my diary.At the end of the email she put ‘PS I love you’.put something in writing to write something that you have agreed or promised, so that there is an official recordThey said they would pay me 50%, but they haven’t actually put it in writing. make a note of something to write information that you might need laterI’ll just make a note of your address.Make a note in your diary.take notes to write things while someone is speaking or while something is happening, so that you can use them laterHis lawyer was with him taking notes.scrawl /skrɔːl $ skrɒːl/ to write something carelessly and untidily, especially in big letters – often used to show disapprovalSomeone had scrawled graffiti on the school wall.He’d scrawled a few unhelpful comments at the bottom of my work.fill something in/out to write information on a form or other official documentPlease fill in the application form in black ink.Would you mind filling out a questionnaire?sign to write your name at the end of a letter, document etcRead the contract carefully, and then sign it.Don’t forget to sign your name.to write something quicklyjot something down to write something very quicklyStart your essay by jotting down a few ideas.He checked the meter and jotted something down.scribble to write something quickly and in an untidy wayAndy scribbled a quick note and handed it to the chairman.I’ve scribbled something here but I can’t read it now.to write something on a computerenter to make words or numbers appear on a computer screen by pressing the keysYou have to enter your password twice.The patients medical records are entered into a database.key something in/type something in to write or record information on a computer, especially something you are copyingI’ve keyed in my credit card details.To visit our website, just type in our address. write away for something write back write something ↔ down write in write something into something write off write somebody/something ↔ out write something ↔ up
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Examples from the Corpus
writeI can't come out tonight. I have an essay to write.I sit at the piano when I write.It's a fascinating article, and very well written.I try to write a cheerful letter to her at least once a week.I wasn't happy, so I wrote a nasty letter asking for my money back.Scene: On the airplane home, you wrote a short report discussing the conference you just attended.McNulty wrote a song for Tom and Darlow wrote one for Grace.I've got to write a story on this.Sportswriters are not allowed to write about death.A: Well, in the early years I was writing advertising, medical advertising.Anna enjoys writing, and she's quite good at it.For works written at a time when Beethoven was still in his middle period, the lyricism in the works is extraordinary.an opera written by VerdiI wrote down all the things we have to do today.Helga wrote her comments neatly in pencil.I just wrote him saying how much I missed him being around.A lot of listeners wrote in and complained about the programme.Today, everything is wonderful, Bjaaland wrote in his diary.Writing, now, in the university, writing to try out new ideas, writing to redefine himself.Hang on, let me just get something to write on.By third grade they can all read and write pretty well.He wrote several scholarly articles on ancient Chinese texts.Do you want me to write that down for you?I wrote the next song for my wife.He wrote to his father, asking for more money.I learned to write when I was in first grade.At the bottom he wrote: "with sincere love from your oldest friend".I don't have any cash - could I write you a check?write aboutPurcell wrote about his son's illness for a popular magazine.Have the children write about what they did last summer.Your assignment is to write about your summer vacation.write toI'm going to write to the manager about this.read and writeBy the time this book reached his hands, John Harrison had already mastered reading and writing.We were shown photographic slides of people enthusiastically learning how to read and write.Past the strategies, how can the joys of reading and writing be even hinted at in the Basics Skills For ever classroom?It is not suitable for computers which have separate read and write control lines, such as IBM-compatibles.By using PTR you have complete control over where you read and write data in a file.A model prisoner, he learned to read and write, even publishing a small book of poetry.However, he has difficulty in reading and written expression.They even helped some of their guards improve their reading and writing skills.write (that)My first novel published was the fifth one I wrote.It was written by Prince Philip.Or has he taken this statement from a book or article written by some one else?Ask these young people questions straight out, not written down and they can answer most problems.All that may be written is one short story, the final one of the genre, the cork in the bottle.If only you could have seen the letter I wrote you about an hour ago!write to/ontoI wrote to both of them and was offered a position by one.You know, my dad never wrote to him, never talked about him.From tea maker to charity supporter Dear Editor I am writing to make readers aware of the registered charity.But before I die, I would like to write to my son James.Mr. MacGregor I will look into the point and will write to the hon. Lady.Paul's mood as he writes to the Romans is a very excited one.However, I am also writing to Wyre Borough Council in case they have any responsibility for maintaining these lights.
From King Business Dictionarywritewrite /raɪt/ verb (past tense wrote /rəʊtroʊt/, past participle written /ˈrɪtn/)1[intransitive, transitive] to form letters or numbers with a pen or pencilThe price is written on the label.2 (also write out) [transitive] to write information on a cheque or documentHe wrote out a cheque for £4000.3[transitive]INSURANCE to sell a particular amount of insuranceWe have written £5 million of insurance this month. write something → back write something → down write something into something write off write something → up→ See Verb tableOrigin write Old English writan to scratch, draw, write