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wristwrist /rɪst/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] HBHthe part of your body where your hand joins your armon/around your wrist She had a gold watch on her wrist. body
Examples from the Corpus
wristThe cubby is also a perfect padded rest for wrist curls.Then tie the rope around her wrists.Her threshold for anger and frustration was low and she had once slashed her wrist.The unlocked handcuffs dangling from his wrist dragged along the ground as he was lifted into the wagon.Left forearm rotation should not be confused with left wrist rotation, as to many amateurs think.We each attach a bracelet to our wrist then press the palm of our other hand on to the metal pad.On her right wrist, just above her glove, a white oval of skin was exposed to the air.Gingerly, Jack took his stepfather's wrist and felt the light fluttering of his pulse.on/around your wristA switch snaps the clasps on his wrists, ankles, clamping him into the shadow.The ropes should be around three to four feet long and first get your helper to tie it around your wrists.Her shirt sleeve falls open at the cuff as she turns back, and I see the razor marks on her wrist.An identity bracelet was put on her wrist with her full name and hospital record number written on it.The next day Philip dressed in his miniature Pierre Cardin suit, a Rolex on his wrist.The cuts were always superficial and usually consisted of between 20 and 40 neat parallel scratches on her wrist and forearm.
Origin wrist Old English