From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworthworth1 /wɜːθ $ wɜːrθ/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective 1 be worth something2 be worth (doing) something3 be worth it4 be not worth it5 be worth somebody’s while (to do/doing something)6 make it worth somebody’s while7 what’s it worth (to you)?8 for what it’s worth9 for all you are/he is etc worth10 worth his/her salt11 worth your/its etc weight in goldworthworth2 ●●● W3 noun [uncountable] 1 ten pounds’ worth/$500 worth etc of something2 ten minutes’ worth/a week’s worth etc of something3 how good or useful something is or how important it is to people SYN value The new computer system has already proved its worth.4 VALUEhow much money something is worth SYN value It is difficult to estimate the current worth of the company.
Examples from the Corpus
worthPhone hackers made $ 35,000 worth of calls over the course of several months.He wins £100 worth of Phoenix 2000 fish food.What's the current worth of the company?Over 50 people were killed and millions of dollars' worth of carpets and other goods were destroyed.They require hundreds of millions of dollars worth of new equipment and fiber optic backbone to make them two-way streets.
From King Business Dictionaryworthworth1 /wɜːθwɜːrθ/ noun [uncountable]1the value of something in moneyThe balance sheet will not show the current worth of the company.I am willing to buy £100,000 worth of bonds.2ten hours’ worth/a week’s etc worth of something something that takes ten hours, a week etc to happen or to doYou may be faced with two days’ worth of maintenance.Investors risk losing a few months’ worth of interest. see also comparable worth, net worthworthworth2 preposition [uncountable]1be worth to have a particular value in moneyWhat is the publishing group worth?The company’s assets are worth $70 a share.defense contracts worth $10 billion2be worth millions/a fortune informal to be extremely richWhoever invented the Internet must be worth a fortune.3if it is worth doing something, or if something is worth doing, an advantage will be gained by doing itIf commission fees are cut any further, it simply won’t be worth doing business anymore.Origin worth1 Old English weorth worthy, of a particular value worth2 Old English weorth