Word family noun world underworld worldliness adjective world worldlyunworldly worldwide adverb worldwide
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worldworld1 /wɜːld $ wɜːrld/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 the world2 in the world3 the society we live inSOCIETY [singular] the society that we live in, the way people behave, and the kind of life we have Parents want a better world for their children.the world The world is being transformed by information technology. You had to go into politics if you wanted to change the an ideal/perfect world (=used to say how you would like things to be) In an ideal world, we would be able to recycle everything.the real world (=the way life really is, not how people would like it to be or imagine it) In the real world, things are never quite so simple.what is the world coming to? (=used to say that you do not like the way society is changing) Five pounds just to park your car! I don’t know what the world’s coming to.4 COUNTRY/NATIONgroup of countries [singular] a particular group of countriesthe Western/Arab etc world the highest unemployment rate in the Western world the English-speaking world agricultural practices in the developing world the economies of the industrialized world5 time in history [singular] a particular period in historythe modern/ancient world the peoples of the ancient worldthe world of ... the world of the ancient Greeks6 somebody’s life and experiences [countable]LIFE the life and experiences of a particular person or group of peopleworld of the world of children The diary gives us an insight into Hemingway’s world.7 area of activity/work [countable usually singular]COUNTRY/NATION a particular area of activity or work, and the people who are involved in itthe world of politics/business/work etc She knew little about the world of politics.the art/business/academic etc world personalities from the sporting world 8 the natural/animal/plant world9 place/situationSITUATION [countable usually singular] a particular kind of place or situation, especially one that someone describes or which you imagineworld of the nightmare world of Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ a world of lies and secrecy10 another planet [countable]HA a place like the Earth in another part of the universe where other things may live strange creatures from another world11 something is very different [countable] used in the following phrases to emphasize that something is very different There’s a world of difference between the US and Europe. I realized we were still worlds apart (=very different, especially concerning your ideas, opinions etc). It was a world away from (=completely different from) the grand hotels she was used to.12 the outside world13 the material world14 for all the world as if/as though/like15 out of this world16 do somebody a/the world of good17 in a world of your own/in your own little world18 mean the world to somebody/think the world of somebody19 somebody would give the world to do something20 be/feel on top of the world21 be a man/woman of the world22 not for the world23 the world is your oyster24 have the world at your feet25 go up/come down in the world26 set the world on fire/alight27 set/put the world to rights28 the Michael Jacksons/Mother Teresas/Microsofts etc of this world29 think the world owes you a living30 think (that) the world revolves around you31 the world and his wife32 come into the world33 bring a child into the world34 somebody is not long for this world35 the world best of both worlds at best3(7), → be dead to the world at dead1(9), → it’s not the end of the world at end1(18), → New World, Third WorldCOLLOCATIONSphrasespart of the worldThis part of the world was new to her.the rest of the worldHow will this affect Britain and the rest of the world?phrasesthe best/tallest etc in the worldWe want to become the best team in the world.the world’s best/tallest etcIt is the world’s largest car manufacturer.around/across the world (=in many parts of the world)We have 950 customers around the world.all over/throughout the world (=in every part of the world)The city attracts visitors from all over the world.adjectivesthe whole/entire worldToday the whole world is threatened with pollution.verbstravel the worldHe spent his first few years after school travelling the world.see the world (=travel to different parts of the world)He quit his job to see the the world (=help people in the world)She’s doing her bit to save the world.lead the world (=be the most successful in the world)Britain leads the world in defence electronics.
Examples from the Corpus
worldHeron's book was widely copied in the ancient world.strange creatures from another worldthe fast-paced business worldJaffrii is now one of the richest and most successful men in the business world.Our public schools are among the worst in the developed world.the fashion worldWhy here, why Stalinvast, and not some other world?the fast-paced world of technologyAlvin's world was full of dance and music.We thought we could change the world then.I have been blotted out from the world.She lost any sense of time, knowing only the world of sensation and pleasure and sad longing.the world of the Anglo-Saxonsthe Western worldin an ideal/perfect worldI also have an idealized picture of myself - what I would like to be in an ideal world.But we don't live in a perfect world.To go onstage in the flag is to be a 50p magnet, nomatterwhat it might mean in an ideal world.This was an unusual arrangement which might have worked in a perfect world.the Western/Arab etc worldAs for the Arab world, their response as we were negotiating these agreements was to be expected.Chess is sort of considered in the Western world as the premier intellectual game.He developed the concept of an open market within the Community to create the largest single market in the Western world.Molecular biology of colorectal neoplasia Large bowel cancer is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the western world.The daily broadsheet circulates widely in the Arab world and among Arabs living in the West.If they are ever opened, the Hunterston plants would be among the first direct reduction iron works in the Western world.This has happened all over the Western world and we must now start to pick up the pieces.The speech was warmly endorsed throughout the Arab world.the modern/ancient worldMathematics is becoming increasingly important in its applications and uses in the modern world.It may be that increasing industrialism made the modern world an uglier, less attractive subject.The Labyrinth at Knossos is generally recognized to have been one of the greatest architectural achievements of the ancient world.Their lives were now confronted by earthshaking change, by the arrival of the modern world.Part of the moulding-power of the modern world is its ability to leave us all blasé.The technology of the modern world has derived, in good measure, from a great wealth of empirical experience.Not everyone, however, welcomes the return of primal spirituality to the modern world.His conquests transformed the ancient world and ushered in the Hellenistic age of great ofTruong found himself living in a world of poverty and uncertainty.the world of fashionthe world of politics/business/work etcIn the early 1980s, the world of work at Sparta underwent a drastic change.The world of politics is next.Secondment is an opportunity for them to learn at first hand about the world of work to which their students are aspiring.We will reinforce the rights of the individual in the world of work, and break down artificial barriers to advancement.Performers in one of the most successful, longest-running shows in the world of business.In the world of work, this is one of the distinctions between the professional and the technician.Any disruption they suffer should be counteracted by your enhanced awareness of the world of work.We often speak of climbing the ladder don't we when it comes to the world of work or material success.another worldSometimes he was so distant that he seemed to be in another world.And I am now in another world!You appreciate that there is a fair chance that you might find yourself prematurely in another world?Nature is full of icons or images that reveal glimpses into another world.Is Michael Johnson going to set another world record?You want me to be your gateway to another world?But further along the branch was another world.It was another world, and he knew he would now have to seek advice from an expert.a world of differenceThis is only two miles from the bustling West End - but there is a world of difference.There is a world of difference between emotional blankness and immorality.He made a world of difference to the Leeds defence.After all, the right network can make a world of difference to your business.During these golden years of instruction, parents can make a world of difference by staying engaged and supportive.A short note of encouragement would make a world of difference right now.It makes a world of difference when there is a lot of electricity in the air.There's a world of difference between owning a gun and using it.But there was a world of difference between wanting and loving.
worldworld2 ●●○ adjective [only before noun] 1 WORLDexisting in, involving, or affecting all or most countries in the worldthe World Cup/Championships etc (=a competition involving people from many countries) He won the world title in 2001. the reigning Formula One world championworld trade/economy etc the impact of the crisis on the world economy world war2 POWERa world figure is one of the most important people in the world a meeting of world leaders a world authority on climate change world power
Examples from the Corpus
worldThe ice skating show features twelve Olympic and world champions.The Denver Broncos have won the world championship.Jones is a world expert in genetics.The present conflict is a threat to world peace.At that time Britain was a major world power.Islam is one of the great world religions.The top 50 multi-national companies control about 80% of world trade.the World Cup/Championships etcMaradona's punch helped his side to the World Cup.Think: between the hedges meets the World Cup.The three legs of the World Cup can take enough out of a horse without subjecting it to too much unnecessary effort beforehand.If Mr Moynihan is prudent, he will already be thinking ahead to the World Cup of 1994.Nor will the World Cup of 2006 end standing.It is enough to give anybody the World Cup leadersIncreasingly, funding will reflect the quality of the research output so that the best centres can truly be world leaders.Messages of condolence began arriving in New Delhi on May 22 from a host of world leaders.The Chirac-Kohl coolness forms part of a growing pattern of strained personal relations among world leaders.Power Not that our world leaders have much to worry about.The pursuit of a cease-fire dominated a summit of world leaders in Moscow, meeting to discuss nuclear safety and arms proliferation.Both Du Pont and Conoco are world leaders, in their respective sectors, in environmental protection and safety.The media tell it whenever they present international relations as a dramatic encounter between world leaders who personify their countries.In the meantime world leaders will enjoy the kudos of being seen to be doing something about Aids.
Origin world1 Old English woruld human existence, this world, age