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workshopwork‧shop /ˈwɜːkʃɒp $ ˈwɜːrkʃɑːp/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 TITBBa room or building where tools and machines are used for making or repairing things2 SETa meeting at which people try to improve their skills by discussing their experiences and doing practical exerciseswriters’/drama/music etc workshop They held a number of music workshops and seminars.
Examples from the Corpus
workshopIn addition, each Sunday the Carnivorous Plant Society will hold a workshop on growing them.A two-day event of guest lectures, seminars and workshops was held in June.A straw bale workshop convenes on Saturday.By day they give workshops in schools trying to de-mystify classic works for schoolchildren.Employees may return from a seminar or workshop feeling empowered, energetic, creative, and open to new alternatives.As well as receiving your letters, we like to meet you at the Royal Show, reader workshops and garden visits.a theater workshop for high school studentsThis past spring, parents were treated to two workshops on the good and bad points of commercial television.writers’/drama/music etc workshopIt was inevitable that the previous week's tragedy should colour the contributions to the writers' workshop.
From King Business Dictionaryworkshopwork‧shop /ˈwɜːkʃɒpˈwɜːrkʃɑːp/ noun [countable]1a fairly small room or building in which tools and machines are used for making or repairing thingsMany local crafts people produce their goods from small workshops in their homes.2a meeting at which people discuss their experiences and do practical exercises, especially in order to find solutions to problemsworkshop onStaff attended a two-day training workshop on basic PR techniques.