work permit

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work permitˈwork ˌpermit noun [countable] BECan official document that you need if you want to work in a foreign countryvisa
Examples from the Corpus
work permitShe had problems getting a work permit, which halved her time putting Crawford through his steps.A government decree linked the employment of foreigners to their possession of a work permit, it was reported on Oct. 11.Kharin's three-and-a-half-year contract with Chelsea is expected to be ratified within the next week, when he receives a work permit.A £5,000 fee has been agreed but the deal is subject to a work permit.Andersson, capped 15 times, should be eligible in the New Year after work permit formalities have been sorted out.Richard spent two years in Beverly Hills and had to leave when his work permit expired.
From King Business Dictionarywork permitˈwork ˌpermitLAW an official document that allows someone to work in another country, usually for a specific length of timeHe is only in Britain for three months on a work permit, and fears being deported afterwards. permit