Word family noun wool woolly adjective woollen/woolen woolly/wooly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoolwool /wʊl/ ●●● S3 noun [uncountable] 1 needle_knitting.jpg HBAthe soft thick hair that sheep and some goats have on their body lambswool2 DCCTIMmaterial made from wool a pure wool skirt a mix of 80% wool and 20% man-made fibres3 DLTIMthread made from wool that you use to knit clothes SYN yarn American English a ball of wool4 pull the wool over somebody’s eyes cotton wool, dyed-in-the-wool, steel wool, wire wool
Examples from the Corpus
woolIs this coat wool?Everyone else in the camp wore much-darned wool and cotton stockings.Intense heat and charcoal fumes from their stoves ensured that few wool combers reached the age of fifty.Boil eggs and decorate them with paints and put tufts of wool on for hair.Sheep smell, too-of lanolin, the fatty exudate that waterproofs their wool.
Origin wool Old English wull