Word family noun wood woodenness adjective wooded wooden woody adverb woodenly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
Related topics: Plants, Nature
woodywood‧y /ˈwʊdi/ adjective 1 HBPa woody plant has a stem like wood2 DNa woody area of land has a lot of trees growing on itwooded
Examples from the Corpus
woodyCompare for example the dry woody flavour of a chardonnay with the sweet flowery taste of a Gewürztraminer.The overall tone is warm and woody - hardly surprising when you consider the sheer mass of wood involved!Water reed is also much harder wearing, being woody in character, and so requires no clipping.So-called humic coals have a known gas potential inherited from their high proportion of woody organic matter.When the weather gets warm, they become hard, woody, prickly bushes which crowd out other vegetation.Most of the vines looked lifeless, their leaves drooping from the woody stems and curling into cylinders.In the region as seen from the small plane, in my case the mountains and woody uplands of the Northeast?Termites are necessary to decompose old woody vegetation, but they were fond of eating the sealant around the windows.