Word family noun wood woodenness adjective wooded wooden woody adverb woodenly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
Related topics: Technology, Daily life, Performing
woodenwood‧en /ˈwʊdn/ ●●● S3 W3 adjective 1 wooden.jpg TDmade of wood a wooden bench2 APEXPRESSnot showing enough expression, emotion, or movement, especially when performing in publicwoodenly adverbwoodenness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
woodena wooden boxThere was an ironing-board, two kitchen chairs and a couple of broken wooden boxes snaked around the front room.After the sweet juice is extracted, they carry it in wooden buckets on their heads to the next stage.One was normal except for some wooden dividers which had been set upon its surface.The entrance to the tunnel was a low wooden door.Dr. Harvey usually seems very wooden during his lectures.Beyond the group of shirted enlisted men, I could see the wooden legs of a map tripod through the tent door.The old bats included a plastic, an aluminum and a wooden one.Original fines had included one of £900 for a cracked wooden spoon.He was indeed a carpenter, and spent his spare time carving small wooden toys for his children.