Word family noun wood woodenness adjective wooded wooden woody adverb woodenly
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woodwood /wʊd/ ●●● S2 W2 noun 1 carpenter.jpg [countable, uncountable]TI the material that trees are made ofwooden, woody Put some more wood on the fire. a polished wood floor Her house was made of wood. hardwood, softwood2 [countable] (also the woods)DN a small forest a walk in the woods3 touch wood4 [countable]DSG one of a set of four golf clubs with wooden heads5 not be out of the wood(s) yet6 not see the wood for the trees dead woodCOLLOCATIONSadjectivessolid woodYou can install a solid wood door.bare wood (=not painted or covered)The floors were of bare wood.a hard/soft woodOak is a hard wood.verbschop woodHe was chopping wood for the fire.cut/saw woodA local carpenter cut the wood to size.carve wood (=used a knife to shape it)The room was decorated with carved wood.phrasesa piece of woodHe made a bench out of pieces of wood.a plank of wood (=a long thin flat piece)The shed was constructed from some old planks of wood. a block of woodI used a block of wood to knock the pole into the ground.the grain of the wood (=the natural lines in it)The oil enhances the natural grain of the wood.wood + NOUNwood chips (=small rough pieces)Fish are smoked slowly over wood chips.wood shavings (=thin curly pieces)He cleared up the wood shavings.wood smokeThere was a smell of wood smoke.
Examples from the Corpus
woodAfter 100yds go left through a wood to a road.To their left was the long forbidding wood with its tangle of trees and stubborn defenders.Normal wood substance containing lignin does not do either of these things.The blocks are made of wood.I'm going out to get some wood for the fire.The flames licked around the wood, around the corpse.I thought about the woman who had left the child in the woods.To walk in the woods and not recognize the songs is to not hear them.Finally we heard a faint sound in the distance and scrambled into the woods.But the agency is not out of the woods yet.made of woodIt is all made of wood and is in good condition.This was in the school hall, and they dragged out a heavy box horse and a creaking contraption made of wood.Fishnets are not made of wood, steel, or concrete.Two storeys high, the walls made of wood, it had a tiled roof and one half had been refurbished.At first boats were made of wood which was available in large quantities.Furniture and camera were bolted down, drapes were made of wood.It felt as if it were made of wood.Winged easels, whether made of wood or metal, are hinged on the back to allow for the angle of display.
Origin wood Old English wudu