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ldoce_350_gwindowwin‧dow /ˈwɪndəʊ $ -doʊ/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 DHa space or an area of glass in the wall of a building or vehicle that lets in lightopen/close/shut a window Do you mind if I open the window?out of/from/through the window She looked out of the window to see if it was raining. The sun was shining through the the window (=just inside a window) We were looking at the Christmas displays in the shop windows.bedroom/kitchen etc window bay window, dormer, French windows, picture window, sash window2 TDone of the separate areas on a computer screen where different programs are operating3 TIME/RIGHT OR WRONG TIME (also window of opportunity) a short period of time that is available for a particular activity Delay might open a window of opportunity for their rivals.4 an area on an envelope with clear plastic in it which lets you see the address written on the letter inside the envelope5 a window on/to the world6 go out (of) the windowCOLLOCATIONSverbsopen a windowI opened the window and breathed in the fresh air.close/shut a windowShe shut the window firmly.roll up/down a window (=open or shut the window in a car)Lucy rolled the window down and waved to him.look/gaze/stare out of the windowMom stared out of the window at the road.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + window openA breeze from the open window lifted her hair.closed/shutAll the windows were closed.a front windowI don't want people looking in my front window.a back windowThe burglar had got in through one of the back windows.the rear window (=the back window, especially of a car)The car's rear window had been bashed in.a shop/store windowShe looked in shop windows.somebody's bedroom/office windowFrom his bedroom window he could see two men having an argument.the kitchen/car etc windowShe had left the kitchen window open.a stained glass window (=made of pieces of coloured glass)The church has fine medieval stained glass windows.window + NOUNthe window frameThe window frame was rotten.
Examples from the Corpus
windowCould you open a window?Early in the history of the planet, the climate conditions opened a window of opportunity that allowed life to form.The ancient church of St Mary, with its beautiful east window, was at one time the parish church of Drypool.A faint blue glow was shining from the observation windows and glimmering inside the open airlock.I lounged on the couch in the attic sitting-room, pyramidal in shape with deep-set windows.Cold air seeped in through the shattered window with a moan.I caught it, held it in my fingers and put it out of the window.He greets an old woman as she peers through the window of Patel's newsagent a windowShe was sitting downstairs, by an open window, enjoying the spring sunshine.It was irregularly paved, and lit only by an open window a few storeys above.It grunted, turned and hurtled through the living room, out an open window and into the night.Inside, close enough to an open window to hear the crow, Wyatt was packing.He opened a window, listened to it fade into the night.The fliers knew there was a spoiler on the horizon, knew that delay might open a window of opportunity for others.She spun around on the porch and glared back at the open window.He was also asleep when a gramophone blared from the open window of a flat in the block across the way.
From King Business Dictionarywindowwin‧dow /ˈwɪndəʊ-doʊ/ noun [countable]1one of the separate areas on a computer screen where different processes or programs are operatingYou can make a window larger or smaller by dragging its corner with the mouse.2a short period of time that is available for a particular activityThere is a 12- to 24-month buying window in the domestic real estate markets before prices start going up again.3in the window if a product is in the window, it is on display at the front of a shop to encourage customers to come inA customer may ask to buy some goods displayed in the window. see also discount window, drive-up windowOrigin window (1200-1300) Old Norse vindauga, from vindr wind + auga eye