Word family noun wild wildness adjective wild adverb wildly wild
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wildwild1 /waɪld/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective 1 plants/animals [usually before noun]HBNATURAL living in a natural state, not changed or controlled by people OPP tame wild animals a field full of wild flowerswild horse/dog/pig etc animals both wild and domesticatedwild mushroom/garlic/rose etc2 land not used by people for farming, building etc Nepal is stunning, with its wild, untamed landscape. the wild and lonely Scottish hills3 emotionsCONTROL feeling or expressing strong uncontrolled emotions, especially anger, happiness, or excitement wild laughterwild with He was wild with rage.4 behaviourCRAZY behaving in an uncontrolled, sometimes violent way She was completely wild in high school. Donny could be wild and crazy. There was a wild look about her (=she seemed a little crazy).5 go wild6 enjoyable informalENJOY/LIKE DOING something very enjoyable and exciting ‘How was the party?’ ‘It was wild!’ 7 be wild about something/somebody8 without careful thoughtTHINK ABOUT done or said without much thought or care, or without knowing all the facts wild accusations I’m just making a wild guess here, so correct me if I’m wrong.9 beyond somebody’s wildest dreams10 not/never in your wildest dreams11 weather/seaDN violent and strong a wild and angry sea12 card gamesDGC a card that is wild can be used to represent any other card in a game13 wild horses would/could not ...wildness noun [uncountable] wild card, → sow your wild oats at sow1(3)
Examples from the Corpus
wild"It turns out she went to college with my sister." "That's wild."The island has an abundance of wildlife - animals, birds and fish.He was small and hard and wild and in some ways more like an animal than a boy.In my opinion, wild animals should not be kept in zoos.There were lots of wild flowers growing by the roadside.That was Renato, still entertaining the class with wild guesses.a wild Hawaiian shirtwild horsesWhere do you get these wild ideas?Jed was really wild in high school.He kept laughing, cackling, making wild, insane remarks.Banana trees were growing wild on the edge of the forest.She used to pick wild ones in the fields near her home when they came into season.a wild partya wild pitcha wild roseIts flame would sink, then spring up suddenly, casting wild shadows over the wall and the floor.Wild strawberries are much smaller than the kind you get in shops.wild windswild animalsThe Protection of Animals Act does not include wild animals.The second change concerns cruelty to wild animals.To be tom apart by wild animals.Remember though that these ponies are wild animals and shouldn't be approached.The cypress was sacred to her; and all wild animals, but especially the deer.It may be difficult to age wild animals, but not so temperate trees, because annually they produce growth rings.Yet it was also a turbulent place, filled with hostile challenges: blizzards, wild animals, renegades, natives.Perhaps there were wild animals there.wild withStone's eyes were wild with rage.wild and crazyMust have a good sense of humour - wild and crazy.They rethink those wild and crazy college years.Instead, Martin turns Bilko into the ultimate wild and crazy guy.We need conductors who are willing to do wild and crazy things.wild guessShall we take a wild guess?Still, it was discouraging that no one had ventured even a wild guess.That was Renato, still entertaining the class with wild guesses.It had thrown her when Luke Calder had made that seemingly wild guess about her, but now she could understand it.The glitter in his hooded eyes made it impossible for her to hazard even the wildest guess at what he was thinking.This is a wild guess, but is the answer Michael Jackson?
wildwild2 adverb 1 run wild2 grow wildwildwild3 noun 1 in the wild2 the wilds of Africa/Alaska etc
Examples from the Corpus
wildIn them, and in William Burchell's mare, the wild undergoes a spiritual transformation beyond the reach of science.In one experiment gastropods whose shells were deliberately crushed by researchers and returned to the wild lived as long as uninjured controls.
Origin wild1 Old English wilde