Word family noun width adjective wide verb widen adverb wide widely
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwidewide1 /waɪd/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective 1 distance a) WIDEmeasuring a large distance from one side to the other SYN broad OPP narrow a wide tree-lined road a hat with a wide brimwide smile/grin As he ran toward me, his face broke into a wide grin. b) WIDEmeasuring a particular distance from one side to the other How wide is the door? The boat was nearly as wide as the canal.five metres/two miles etc wide The river is more than fifty yards wide.2 variety [usually before noun]VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDS including or involving a large variety of different people, things, or situations a man with a wide experience of foreign affairs Our aim is to bring classical music to a wider audience.a wide range/variety/choice etc (of something) This year’s festival includes a wide range of entertainers. holidays to a wide choice of destinations3 in many places [usually before noun]EVERYONEEVERYWHERE happening among many people or in many places The radio and newspapers gave the trial wide coverage.4 a wide variation/difference/gap etc5 the wider context/issues/picture etc6 eyes literaryOPEN wide eyes are fully open, especially when someone is very surprised, excited, or frightened Her eyes grew wide in anticipation.7 give somebody/something a wide berth8 not hit something not hitting something you were aiming atwide of His shot was just wide of the goal. 9 the (big) wide world10 nationwide/city-wide etc
Examples from the Corpus
wideThe river is very wide.Wreckage was spread across a wide area.The girl led me down a wide corridor into a large office.The doorway wasn't quite wide enough to get the piano through.wide experience in government and businessHow wide is the door?a wide leather beltFar ahead he could see a sloping ramp that led up to a wide mouth gaping into a busy street.a wide necktieColes gained wide publicity after predicting the earthquake.Simply ideal for families it has direct access on to the beach and offers a wide range of holiday activities for children.His campaign never caught on with a wide spectrum of the electorate.Table 3. 2 provides individual estimate for gaseous coal seams with the geometric mean used wherever a wide spread is given.Also remarkable are the paintings, geometrically designed rooms and wide variety of nearly 200-year-old china and silver.wide smile/grinHe put the receiver back and created, forcing his lips to perform, a wide smile.She has a flat, round face with eyes close together and a wide smile.He breaks into a wide smile, and a dried bogie snowflakes from his nose down to the ground.The guy laughed, wide smile dotted with gold teeth.He paused to speak to the surprised group and their wide smiles of acknowledgement started the day off well.Paul looked surprised to receive a wide smile of welcome from Stephen when he entered the office.Mandru was staring right at him, a wide smile stretching his face into ropes of muscle.Then she smiled the wide smile which lifted her ears toward her hair.a wide range/variety/choice etc (of something)A wide range of information technologies are in use producing substantial amounts of data.Develop a wider range of daytime community support services.Engineers can use it to model a wide range of process industry applications; from complete plant to individual items of equipment.Interior shutters, from a wide range to order, from about £70 for the natural finish shown.There are a wide range of finishes which can be used after the preparation process is complete.There is a buffet breakfast and a wide choice of main courses at dinner, plus a salad buffet.With a First National Bank loan you have a wide choice.wide ofThe throw was wide of first base.
widewide2 ●●● W3 S3 adverb 1 wide open/awake/apart2 OPENopening or spreading as much as possibleopen/spread (something) wide Spiro spread his arms wide in a welcoming gesture. Leonora’s eyes opened wide in horror. The windows had been opened wide and she could feel a slight breeze.3 wide open4 EXACTnot hitting something you were aiming at, and missing it by a large distance His throw to first base went wide.5 wide of the mark far and wide at far1(11)
Examples from the Corpus
wideWilton hit the ball high and wide.The driver swung wide around my car and paused, apparently activating an automatic garage door.Miles and Evan are so wide awake, it is exhausting.Sisson hooked the kick wide left.Gabriel had the window wide open and was standing there looking down at him.The championship race is wide open.The night being unseasonably warm, most of the windows were wide open.From a tap penalty the forwards drove in short bursts, and then took the ball wide to Joe Roff.open/spread (something) wideOne that also produces pollen can generate plants that spread far and wide.The powers of the courts in such cases spread very wide.Then I opened my fingers wide and peered down at the floor.He opened his eyes wide and showed his teeth.She opened her legs wider, feeling her juices trickling out on to his fingers.The baby robins, scrub jays, finches, sparrows and starlings opened their mouths wide in anticipation.The non-profit group is devoted to teaching the style, opening their doors wide to all comers.went wideBut the points just evaporated as the conversion and other penalty chances went wide.He tried the volley again, but didn't hit it straight and the shot went wide.Tobermore's best chance came five minutes later when Reid sent to Pattison, but he fumbled and his effort went wide.His throw to first went wide for an error.If they possibly could, they avoided contact; their shots went wide - high I think they already would have been.The next few shots were all cleanly hit but went wide, high or straight at Jamir.But it also went wider than that.
Origin wide1 Old English wid