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wheelbarrowwheel‧bar‧row /ˈwiːlˌbærəʊ $ -roʊ/ noun [countable] wheelbarrow.jpg DLGa small cart with one wheel and two handles that you use outdoors to carry things, especially in the garden
Examples from the Corpus
wheelbarrowAfter his trial the Quaker was chained to a wheelbarrow and twice beaten by a Negro slave until he collapsed.Camels, vehicles, even wheelbarrows give equanimity in the desert.Shovels, wheelbarrows and a friend were pressed into action.That afternoon the wheelbarrow even stuck when I pulled it off the road for a break.I threw myself on top of the wheelbarrow to hold it down as he passed.I secured the locks on the wheelbarrow, crawled under canvas and wrote up the log and two letters.I met them leeward of the middle vehicle, where they lent a hand to tip the wheelbarrow into a stable position.I clambered on to the wheelbarrow, to pray for a healing miracle, laying aside my glasses and hat.