From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-stockedˌwell-ˈstocked adjective having a large supply and variety of things, especially food or drink a well-stocked supermarket
Examples from the Corpus
well-stockedThe spacious lounge with its well-stocked bar is furnished in soft peachy colours and attractive cane-backed chairs.Manningham perched on a black leather stool by a well-stocked bar with a large mirror behind it.There is a well-stocked book library too.It had several good restaurants, a well-stocked bookstore, a movie house, and a good hotel.Good nature and a sense of humour, as well as an alert and well-stocked mind are also reflected in the face.Browse around our well-stocked Museum Shop.a well-stocked refrigeratorWest Mostar, in contrast, has many well-stocked shops and appears relatively undamaged and prosperous.