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welfarewel‧fare /ˈwelfeə $ -fer/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun [uncountable] 1 SAFEsomeone’s welfare is their health and happiness Our only concern is the children’s welfare.2 PEWhelp that is provided for people who have personal or social problemswelfare benefits/services/programmes etc the provision of education and welfare services The company’s welfare officer deals with employees’ personal problems.3 American EnglishPEW money that is paid by the government in the US to people who are very poor or unemployed SYN benefit British Englishon welfare Most of the people in this neighborhood are on welfare.
Examples from the Corpus
welfareAs in other cases, the deadweight welfare loss depends on the price elasticity of demand.Annabelle stopped getting welfare benefits when her husband landed a minimum-wage job.Since 1985, she has quit two full-time jobs because her net pay was less than her welfare check.In human terms, however, welfare reform is definitely risky.Getting people off welfare and into paying jobs is a major national priority.Raising the minimum wage might make it more difficult for people on welfare to get a job.The amount of money that the government spends on welfare has halved in the past decade.Make another subtraction for everything else other than spending on the elderly that has to be done in the social welfare system.We are very concerned about the welfare of U.S. citizens abroad.Concern for the welfare of the workers, or labour supply, changed.The welfare provisions, meanwhile, require states to put recipients to work and penalize those that fail to do so.welfare benefits/services/programmes etcC., a proposal in Congress would end federal financing for health and welfare services for legal immigrants.The terminal workers were fired, and they lost their health and welfare benefits.In addition, government policies on taxation and welfare benefits will have a significant influence.The measure would also limit cash welfare benefits to a total of five years.He advocates ways of limiting men's role in child welfare services, and says men should practice nurturing each other.Similarly, drug-free status must be a basic of eligibility for federal welfare benefits.He attacks illegal immigration and opposes welfare benefits for illegal immigrants.The most important benefits were adequate job provision, regular pay rises and state welfare services.on welfareMost of the people in this neighborhood are on welfare.
From King Business Dictionarywelfarewel‧fare /ˈwelfeə-fer/ noun [uncountable]ECONOMICS1help that is given by government to people with social or financial problemsa drastic reform of the welfare system2American English money paid by the government to people who are poor, unemployed etcNon-profit companies are providing job placement for welfare recipients.large familieson welfareOrigin welfare (1300-1400) well fare to fare well