Word family noun welcome adjective welcomeunwelcome welcoming verb welcome
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwelcomewelcome1 /ˈwelkəm/ ●●● S1 interjection HELLOused to greet someone who has just arrivedwelcome to Welcome to London! Welcome back – it’s good to see you again. Hello, welcome home.
Examples from the Corpus
welcome toWelcome to New York!
welcomewelcome2 ●●● S2 W3 adjective 1 you’re welcome2 ACCEPTif someone is welcome in a place, other people are glad that they are there I had the feeling I wasn’t really welcome. I didn’t feel welcome in the club. Mary made us very welcome. We try to make the new students feel welcome.3 ENJOY/LIKE DOING somethingif something is welcome, you enjoy it because you feel that you need it The weekend was a welcome break from the pressures of work. Six months in Scotland would make a welcome change from London. A cup of tea would be very welcome.4 if something is welcome, you are glad that it has happened The increase in interest rates is welcome news for investors. This new funding will come as a welcome boost for the industry.5 be welcome to something6 be welcome to do something
Examples from the Corpus
welcomeNo sound would have been more welcome.Individuals and groups are welcome and entry fees range from free to £2.The trip to Mexico will be a welcome break from work.In some areas, though, changes are welcome, especially if they lead to a better and more reliable product.It crosses my mind, briefly, that a new bottle would be a welcome gift.That means everyone is welcome here any time.President Clinton has put out the welcome mat.Some will find it a welcome relief, others an indication of personal failure, and the cause of personal guilt.I don't think I'm welcome there anymore.feel welcomeI hope you will use the opportunity to get to know new people and make visitors feel welcome.I suppose I didn't feel welcome.It does mean we have to make extra effort to make visitors and newcomers feel welcome.Just knowing what he did is sure to make others feel welcome.They want him to hear our music and feel welcomed.When I met him, he smiled and made me feel welcome in his home.It makes people feel welcome, makes them feel that technology is interested in them.He always makes you feel welcome when you're round our house.welcome breakThat would be a most welcome break.At Great Bedwyn we stop for welcome break and cheer the first of the singles through.It was a welcome break from comedy, but it wasn't noticed enough for there to be a great many similar offers.They promptly shot it for dinner, a welcome break from dehydrated rations.For some, the visit is a welcome break from medical treatment they're receiving for radiation sickness.Stops for meals and for the navigator to fix their position were a welcome break from the jolting ride.It gave them a welcome break from the mania of the Olympics and seemed to put everything in its proper perspective.So last February 1 at Twickenham was a hugely welcome break in what was becoming a sort of personal Aherne tradition.
welcomewel‧come3 ●●● S3 W2 verb [transitive] 1 HELLOto say hello in a friendly way to someone who has just arrived SYN greet I must be there to welcome my guests. They welcomed us warmly. His family welcomed me with open arms (=in a very friendly way).2 ACCEPTto be glad to accept something The college welcomes applications from people of all races. We would welcome any advice or suggestions with open arms.3 to be glad that something has happened because you think it is a good idea Economists have welcomed the decision to raise interest rates.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
welcomeThe university's cafeteria welcomes any suggestions for improvement of its menu or service.The visitors were welcomed at reception and shown where to go.They will be welcomed by police who say that new technology can lead to powerful new evidence being discovered after a trial.But the development will be welcomed by the building trade.The proposal was warmly welcomed by the German Chancellor.They welcomed last month's initiative by Mr Bush and called for a summit with him within 90 days.But when they saw me walking out of the sea, they welcomed me warmly with cries of astonishment and delight.Texans tend to welcome newcomers and go out of their way to be friendly.They would welcome resistance in any of its forms, but Joshua Kingsley had said nothing and done nothing to undermine himself.Many citizens welcomed Smith's resignation from office.Jill was busy welcoming the guests.Some companies have welcomed the idea of employees working from home.welcomed ... warmlyPaternas Bajamunde had welcomed me warmly.Women have not been welcomed warmly into the ranks here.However, instead of being welcomed warmly, Laura is greeted with chilly toleration and ill-concealed resentment.But when they saw me walking out of the sea, they welcomed me warmly with cries of astonishment and delight.welcome ... with open armsAnd if the turnout was any indication, the parish was welcoming them with open arms.Did I welcome him with open arms?The commission-hungry staff smell money and class, and the pair are welcomed with open arms.The Greenpeace support was welcomed with open arms.Those who managed to dodge the snipers on the border were welcomed with open arms.You walk in here and you expect to be welcomed with open arms.Newspapers welcome with open arms a regular, efficient news service on which they can rely.He welcomed them with open arms, talked freely, played draughts with the younger and learned tables from the elder.
welcomewelcome4 ●●○ W3 noun [singular] 1 HELLOthe way in which you greet someone when they arrive at a placewarm/friendly welcome His colleagues gave him a very warm welcome when he returned to work. You can be sure of a friendly welcome at all our hotels. The president got a tremendous welcome at the airport.2 the way in which people react to an idea, and show that they like it or do not like it Politicians have given an enthusiastic welcome to the Queen’s speech. The proposals have so far received a cautious welcome from government ministers.3 outstay/overstay your welcomeCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa warm/friendly welcomeYou can be sure of a warm welcome.a big welcomeThey had planned a big welcome for Martin.a great welcome (=a big or good welcome)Visitors were given a great welcome.a rapturous welcome (=a very pleased and excited one)He returned to his homeland to a rapturous welcome in 1996a tumultuous welcome (=a very noisy one from a crowd)The pope received a tumultuous welcome.a rousing welcome (=a noisy welcome that shows approval)The audience gave the band a rousing welcome.a hearty welcome (=a happy and sincere welcome)The owner offers a hearty welcome to guests.verbsgive somebody a welcomeThe Queen was given a decent welcome by the crowd.get/receive a welcomeHe received a warm welcome.extend/accord somebody a welcome formal (=give someone a welcome)Staff and students extended a warm welcome to visiting parents.phrasesa smile of welcomeHis wrinkled face broke into a smile of welcome.a speech of welcomeThe mayor made a brief speech of welcome.
Examples from the Corpus
welcomeThis alternative drug has received an open-armed welcome from insomniacs around the world.Then, as always, a big kiss in welcome.She could just imagine the welcome she was about to get from her workmates!The welcome he received on the factory tour obviously boded well for the by-election as ten days later both candidates were elected.Their guests were given a very warm welcome on arrival.warm/friendly welcomeCramped wooden benches, a friendly welcome for regulars and improbably large plates of home-made pies, omelettes, grills and chips.Collectors, bibliophiles and browsers will find a warm welcome from the many dealers when the fair opens at 10.00 am precisely.This was a busy and fruitful time, and the team were given a warm welcome in all the places we worked.You will be sure of a warm welcome.Uncle Tom was at work that day, but Aunt Goldie gave us a warm welcome.Friendly relations had been established, which possibly accounted for Ari's warm welcome on Claudel's visit last year.It started off fantastic, with the warmest welcome anyone could imagine from Yuri and Yuri.Inside it retains an old forge, providing winter visitors with a truly warm welcome.received ... welcomeIt also received her welcoming smile, as did a beautiful goldfinch that came down and perched on her toes.And yet, CrystEngComm has received a warm welcome and many researchers have begun to send in their papers.This alternative drug has received an open-armed welcome from insomniacs around the world.Would a traitor to the socialist cause ever have received such a welcome at a Labour Party Conference?The recommendations have received a mixed welcome from the Angling Foundation.His announcement at the annual conference of the Association of Children's Reporters in Peebles received an immediate welcome from childcare agencies.The proposal received an enthusiastic welcome from the smaller political parties allied with Labour.A player representation, led by caretaker manager Edwin Stein, received a rapturous welcome.
Origin welcome4 Old English wilcume, from wilcuma person you are glad to have as a guest, from willa (WILL2) + cuma someone who comes; influenced by well