Word family noun week midweek weekly adjective weekly midweek adverb weekly midweek
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weekweek /wiːk/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 TMCa period of seven days and nights, usually measured in Britain from Monday to Sunday and in the US from Sunday to Saturdayonce/twice/three times etc a week Letters were delivered twice a week only. I can’t see you this week.last/next week (=the week before or after this one) See you next week.2 TMCany period of seven days and nightsfor a week/two weeks etc I’ve been living here for six weeks.in a week/two weeks etc (=one, two etc weeks from now) If he hasn’t phoned in a week, I’ll phone him. It will cost you an estimated £10 per week to feed one dog. The training program lasts three weeks.3 BEthe part of the week when you go to work, usually from Monday to Friday SYN working week a 35-hour weekduring the week I don’t see her during the week.4 Monday week/Tuesday week etc5 a week on Monday etc6 week after weekCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesthis weekHe’ll be in the office this week, so you should give him a call.next weekThe wedding is next week.last weekLast week, my washing machine broke down.the past weekFive soldiers were killed in the past week alone.the previous weekShe thought about what a colleague had said to her the previous week.the following weekShe booked another appointment for the following week.a full/whole week (=every day in a week)I can’t believe we’ve been here a whole week already.phrasesa day of the weekFriday is our busiest day of the week. GRAMMAR: Patterns with weeklast week/this week etcDon’t use in with these words:You say last week: I saw her last week. Don’t say: I saw her in last week.You say this week: I’m going to be busy at work this week. Don’t say: I’m going to be busy at work in this week.You say next week: Shall we meet for lunch next week? Don’t say: Shall we meet for lunch in next week?You say that week: He was sick that week. Don’t say: He was sick in that week.a weekYou use a week when saying how many times in a week something happens: We have four English lessons a week. Don’t say: We have four English lessons in a week.all weekYou use all week when talking about something that happens during every part of a week: We had good weather all week. Don’t say: We had good weather all the week.
Examples from the Corpus
weekJohnny Haynes's £100 a week neither bankrupted Fulham nor killed the game.We will give all 16-19 year olds in work the equivalent of at least two days a week education or training.The class meets once a week.It would probably take a week to hike that far.Inspect stored fruit every week and throw out any that has started to go rotten.At the end of the first week you will have a solid foundation on which to build in future weeks.a 40-hour weekJust last week, I met a couple with four children under 10, all living in a van.I don't go out much during the week.The measure was overwhelmingly passed by both Houses of Congress this week.And the Financial Ombudsman Service this week published a briefing note for firms handling endowment mortgage complaints.He was discharged three weeks after admission, having recovered fully.last/next weekIt will be held in London or Birmingham after next week.Kelly was due to step down after covering for the suspended Tracey against Arsenal last week.One reason to bet on slower economic growth today was a drop in retail sales reported for last week.We played a little blues club in New Jersey last week.He said last week that chess is on the agenda for the next International Olympic Committee executive board meeting.I will raise the point with my right hon. Friend, but I doubt whether a statement next week would be appropriate.Left to their own devices this last week, they reverted to the wild.per weekBut if Mr Heseltine caps the authority at £20.2m, bills could fall by £14 27p per week.The fiscal rub arises because of new mandates that the hours a welfare recipient works gradually increase to 30 per week.A dwelling house was let at the rent of 16s. 5d. per week.Their wage was £1 0s. 0d. each per week, plus food and lodging.But those figures also include significant overtime, typically 12 to 16 hours per week.On average 23 hours per week were put into these enterprises for 29 weeks of the year.That sum augmented the meagre penny per week given by Dad.Now the administration only wanted to know: how many pieces per week were produced?during the weekIn trade-weighted terms the dollar fell 0.4% during the week, the D-mark rose 0.5% and the yen lost 1.1%.Witco plans to report its earnings during the week of Jan. 28.All of Philadelphia will be feeling flowery during the week of March 2-9.The children live at the Institute during the week, going home at the weekend where possible.The following is a listing of securities called for partial or complete redemption during the week ended Jan. 05,1996.And in Streatley during the week.You will be living there on your own and, possibly, will be at work during the week.Alternatively, you could list the ways you have helped coworkers and other employees below you during the week.
Origin week Old English wicu