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weaverweav‧er /ˈwiːvə $ -ər/ noun [countable] BOTICsomeone whose job is to weave cloth
Examples from the Corpus
weaverMoses Jeffers was a weaver in the linen factory of Hamilton Robb.Among nine taken into custody were a weaver, sawyer, carpenter, brewer, blacksmith and several servants.The average weaver today makes less than minimum wage, with beginners earning as little as $ 1 an hour.He was a hand-loom weaver then, a real craftsman.Clothiers in Gloucestershire did not reduce piece rates, and so weavers were able to profit from their enhanced productivity.Giovanni Crespi SpA, a Milan synthetic textile weaver.The spinners had to work hard to keep the weaver, a man, at work.The weavers and martyrs were hung on plates.