From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwaterproofwa‧ter‧proof1 /ˈwɔːtəpruːf $ ˈwɒːtər-, ˈwɑː-/ adjective WATERnot allowing water to enter a waterproof jacket waterproof adhesive Rub the wax in to make the shoe waterproof.waterproof verb [transitive] Plastic sheeting was used to waterproof the shed.waterproofed adjective [only before noun] a waterproofed sack
Examples from the Corpus
waterproofThe Gore-tex fabric manages to be completely waterproof, and yet allows body moisture to escape.A warm, waterproof jacket is the first thing you need for mountain walking.a waterproof tenta waterproof watchmake ... waterproofPU-coated leather: a cheaper, lightweight leather which is given a polyurethane coating to make it more waterproof.Should I coat the brickwork and mortar to make them waterproof?Gore-Tex: microporous membrane, glued to various fabrics making them waterproof and breathable.The sturdy frame has a special protection to make it waterproof and the cushions are covered in a charming songbird design fabric.The bike was sealed to make it waterproof and tracks were laid down under the water for it.Then make it waterproof by sealing all the internal corners with a bead of silicone sealer, spread with a wet thumb.A strong board with notices covered with cling film to make them waterproof catch people's attention.Flashing is a plastic or rubber sheeting material that makes a waterproof layer between certain surfaces in the wall.
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waterproofwaterproof2 noun [countable usually plural] DCCWATERa jacket or coat that does not allow rain and water through itwaterproofs (=a waterproof jacket and trousers)
Examples from the Corpus
waterproofAs a waterproof it was next to useless.She began to reproach her husband for his carelessness: Why did he insist on going out without his waterproof?