waste disposal

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waste disposalˈwaste disˌposal noun 1 [uncountable]SGERUBBISH/WASTE the process of getting rid of unwanted materials or substances the problem of radioactive waste disposal2 (also waste disposal unit) [countable] British English a small machine under the kitchen sink that cuts food waste into small pieces so that it can be washed down the drain SYN garbage disposal American English
Examples from the Corpus
waste disposalAir pollution and waste disposal were the two issues most in need of further legislation, according to the research.It retained water and yet had subtle membranes which permitted air to penetrate and facilitated waste disposal of the embryo.Waste: Tighter controls on dealing with waste are proposed with regulation carefully separated from those involved in waste disposal.Nuclear waste Disposal of intermediate level nuclear waste on land also presents a hazard.The Department of Environment has confirmed the figure of 1,300 problem waste disposal sites.Paper could also be easily recycled and would considerably lift the waste disposal burden.Instead of generating less waste, they get rid of fussy impediments to waste disposal.I have never come across a people more obsessed with waste disposal.