Word family noun warmth the warm warmer warming adjective warm warming verb warm adverb warmly warm
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warmwarm1 /wɔːm $ wɔːrm/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective 1 be warmHOT slightly hot, especially in a pleasant way OPP coolwarmth The house was lovely and warm. I hope we get some warm weather soon. I’ve put your dinner in the oven to keep it warm. warm watersee thesaurus at hot2 feel warmHOT if you are warm, your body is at a comfortable temperature Are you warm enough?keep/stay warm (=wear enough clothes not to feel cold) Make sure you keep warm! You’ll be as warm as toast in that sleeping bag.3 clothes/buildingsHOT clothes or buildings that are warm can keep in heat or keep out cold Here, put on your nice warm coat.4 friendlyFRIENDLY friendly or making someone feel comfortable and relaxed a warm, reassuring smile Please give a warm welcome to our special guest. a warm glow of satisfaction The Hungarian people are warm and friendly.see thesaurus at friendly5 colourCC warm colours contain the colours red, yellow, and orange, which make you feel comfortable and happy OPP cool6 correctDGCORRECT [not before noun] used especially in games to say that someone is near to guessing the correct answer or finding a hidden object OPP cold You’re getting warmer.warmness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
warmThe atmosphere in the meeting grew warm.These gloves are lovely and warm.We had to keep moving in order to keep warm.She would wear the Persian lamb to the meeting of the Symphony Orchestra Club tonight, even if it was a bit warm.The morning was quiet and warm.Are you nice and warm?It is warm all year round, with warm summers, mild winters and moderate rainfall.Just as warm and cool colors visually manipulate the size of a garden, they set the mood as well.Not as warm and maybe not as optimistic as it once was, but still plenty friendly and inviting.It was freezing outside but in the ski lodge they were as warm as toast.a warm bathI didn't want to get out of my nice warm bed.She's a warm, caring person, and she'll make a wonderful nurse.These plants only grow in warm climates.Make sure you bring plenty of warm clothing.a warm dayThe birds are warm, dry, and safe from predators.He gave Gabrielle a warm hug.It's nice and warm in the kitchen.It was nice and warm in the sunshine.I need to buy a warm pair of boots for camping.He welcomed us with a warm smile.My mother's knitted me a nice warm sweater.I feel warm tears running down my cheeks.I'm looking forward to some warmer weather.keep ... warmCarefully cook the asparagus and keep warm.Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon and keep warm.Watt used a cylinder closed at both ends to keep it as warm as possible.Could this bird, which when plucked is no bigger than the end of your thumb, keep warm enough to survive?And he had his regular job which his son was keeping warm for him.Remove quail and keep warm on a serving platter.Keep warm until ready to serve.Remove to a heated platter and keep warm while making the sauce.keep/stay warmAs soon as the thigh meat is ready, remove it from the heat and keep warm.Make the chapatis according to directions and keep warm.Remove from oven and place legs on a plate; keep warm.Remove from pan and keep warm.Mr Reynolds was kept warm and each procedure was quietly explained to him before it was carried out.And he had his regular job which his son was keeping warm for him.If you put the meat back in the refrigerator in a big lump, the center will stay warm for hours.The buffalo robes were good for keeping warm in carriages in northern cities. warm and friendlyAt the hour of victory relations between the two movements appeared genuinely warm and friendly.It was dark outside, but inside it was warm and friendly.It has to be warm and friendly and, especially for the busy cook, it must be well designed.Alfredo, Hoffman's bank clerk, is warm and friendly and likeable.There is something stoic and self-contained about Rita but something warm and friendly as well.It was a warm and friendly night, and the sea swished and whispered on the sand.A warm and friendly Somerset welcome awaits you.His manner is both warm and friendly, with not a hint of the pretentiousness of some of his better known colleagues.
warmwarm2 ●●○ (also warm up) verb [intransitive, transitive] HOTto make someone or something warm or warmer, or to become warm or warmer They gathered round the fire to warm their hands.warm yourself Warm yourself by the fire. warm to somebody/something warm up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
warmIt is said that the prison director steals the fuel to warm his own house in Meknes.This is an inspirational tale that would warm the heart of Joseph Campbell.I stamp my feet to warm them up.Serve in warmed tortillas, with salsa.Another great way to warm up is to save the more difficult documents for last.The more complex, the longer it takes to warm up.Don't warm wine by placing it next to a radiator or open fire, as this will cause it to taste coarse.warm yourselfI put my feet near the radiator to warm them.Jim came into the living room to warm himself by the fire.To warm himself, he turned toward the ocean and began the motions of Cai chi.The cool spring nights force snakes out to warm themselves in the morning sun, making the spring ideal for hunting.They warm themselves in the sun, and the next moment they will bite..For some time the soothsayer continued to warm himself, staring into the flames.The wasp strays in, eats a little honey, warms itself, tries to sting and travels out to some winter lair.So did California warm itself up for the Civil War.With the light, it feels colder and I run down the road a bit to warm myself up.I walk pretty quick to warm myself up.
warmwarm3 noun the warm
Examples from the Corpus
warmThe warmth of the sun was making them all sleepy.
warmwarm4 adverb wrap up warm
Examples from the Corpus
warmThe Secretary General was warmly welcomed at the White House yesterday.
Origin warm1 Old English wearm