From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwagonwag‧on (also waggon British English) /ˈwæɡən/ ●○○ noun [countable] 1 TTBa strong vehicle with four wheels, used for carrying heavy loads and usually pulled by horsescart2 British EnglishTTT a large open container pulled by a train, used for carrying goods SYN freight car American English3 be/go on the wagon4 fall off the wagon paddy wagon
Examples from the Corpus
wagonA servant hitched up a wagon and drove her the short distance to Mount Pitt.A wagon wheel was no trifle; neither was a stove.Louis in Conestoga wagons and traveled across the vast, perilous country in search of a better life in the West.They just put them in the meat wagon and dropped them up town.The pictures show just a few shapes of wagon.There was money to be made caring for and feeding the travelers, repairing their wagons, buying and selling them livestock.D'you imagine those wagons hold food?
Origin wagon (1400-1500) Dutch wagen