Word family noun vote voter verb vote
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votervot‧er /ˈvəʊtə $ ˈvoʊtər/ ●●○ noun 1 PPV[countable] someone who has the right to vote in a political election, or who votes in a particular election Voters overwhelmingly rejected the Far Right in the May elections. In Ireland 83% of voters favoured EC membership in 1972. Tory voters2 voter apathy floating voter
Examples from the Corpus
voterOnly 40% of eligible voters participated in the last election.Turnout dipped despite an increase in voter registration.The Democrats had mounted an intense voter registration drive before the election, bringing thousands of inexperienced voters on to the rolls.Italian voters have shown that they are ready for a change of government.There is disappointment among Labour voters that the party has not done more to help traditional industries.White male voters made it clear in 1994 that they heavily favor the Republicans.Furthermore, most voters do not really make electoral choices.Table 9.2 shows that for nearly ten years now voters have agreed about her strength of personality and outspokenness.Instead, they want the voters to trust them, and, in return, they will spend lots of money.