vote somebody ↔ out

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvote somebody ↔ out phrasal verbto remove someone from a position of power by voting With policies like that, he’ll be voted out in the next election. vote→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
vote outBut back then there was no open way to blame the government, and no way at all to vote it out.If the populace are unhappy with the actions of a government, they can vote representatives out.On February 22, Dawson and the others cracked the whip and the vote poured out.Workers at Glasgow have voted to come out, at Leyland itself they voted against.Just think of it: with 1,800 votes, out of 15,000, they can run the Local.National won because so many anti - neoliberal New Zealanders voted Alliance out of an abiding mistrust of Labour.Four of the five who voted him out of office either refused to discuss the removal or did not return phone calls.Count up the votes and deal out the power.