From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvisionvi‧sion /ˈvɪʒən/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun 1 [uncountable] the ability to see SYN sight, → visual She suffered temporary loss of vision after being struck on the head. Tears blurred her vision (=made it difficult for her to see).good/normal/poor etc vision children who are born with poor visiontwenty-twenty/20–20 vision (=the ability to see perfectly)night vision (=the ability to see when it is dark)2 [uncountable] the area that you can see a figure at the edge of her visionsomebody’s field/line of vision (=the area someone is able to see without turning their head) As the cars overtake you, they are temporarily outside your field of vision.3 [countable] an idea of what you think something should be likevision of He had a clear vision of how he hoped the company would for The president outlined his vision for the future.grand/powerful/original etc vision a grand vision for the country4 have visions of something5 [countable] something that you seem to see as part of a powerful religious experience She had a vision in which Jesus appeared before a vision He became a monk after seeing Saint Apollinaris in a vision.6 IMAGINE[uncountable] the knowledge and imagination that are needed in planning for the future with a clear purpose We need a leader with vision and strong principles. his enthusiasm and breadth of vision 7 a vision of beauty/loveliness etc8 [uncountable] the quality of a picture that you can see on a televisionCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + vision goodI have good vision in my right eye.normalShort-sighted children may be unaware of what people with normal vision can see.perfectBabies aren’t born with perfect vision.20–20 vision (=perfect vision)The soldier had 20-20 vision.poor/defectiveHer vision was quite poor and she always wore glasses.blurred (=not clear)He complained of headaches and blurred vision.night vision (=the ability to see when it is dark)Cats have good night vision but can’t see colour very well.peripheral vision (=your ability to see things to the side of you when you are looking ahead)She could read easily, but her peripheral vision was poor.double vision (=when you see two of everything around you)One of the symptoms of the illness is double vision.tunnel vision (=when you can only see what you are directly looking at)A pupil with tunnel vision may have difficulty finding the words written on the blackboard.verbsblur somebody’s vision (=make someone not see clearly)Tears of fury blurred her vision, and she blinked them away.clear your visionShe blinked to clear her vision.
Examples from the Corpus
visionUntil she was eighteen she had 20-20 vision - now she has to wear glasses.Bernadette had a vision in which the Virgin Mary appeared before her.Three days before she died, Rita was blessed with a vision of Our Lord.But the history of New York development shows how haphazard such controls can be if there is no such clear vision.He complained that the new lenses gave him double vision and headaches.Many people claim to have had visions while praying at Lourdes.In her vision, Joan of Arc saw an angel telling her to go and fight for France.As Martha grew older, her vision began to fail.When he woke up he had a splitting headache and his vision was blurred.When I have a migraine, I can't stand up without vomiting and my vision is distorted.Contact lenses sometimes give better visual acuity in these cases and the field of vision is nearly always improved.My aunt still has some vision in her left eye - she can make out colours and shapes.The Keeper of the Shrine of Asuryan plucked out his eyes but even this did not stop the terrible visions.Reporters and producers have a public duty to speak out if their vision of truth is suppressed by government appointees.This vision imposes severe social conditions, however.Through their photography Marcy and Muybridge opened up to vision things that the human eye could not perceive.If your vision proves true, he said, I will be very rich.night visionI crept through the brush as only a boy with bad night vision can.Cats have good night vision but can't see colour very well.It was dark and my night vision was less than special.I had killed the lights and my night vision was well adjusted when he arrived.He decided to launch his attack right away, while the other man's night vision was still impaired.At night agents wear special night vision goggles.Car headlamps are a different matter: they wreck night vision immediately.Red lamps at night do not interrupt your night vision, it is true.somebody’s field/line of visionContact lenses sometimes give better visual acuity in these cases and the field of vision is nearly always improved.He is finally out of my line of vision, so I can see what is under the tree.How was she supposed to concentrate with that sprawling figure almost in her line of vision?In addition, she is able to return and visually locate objects that have left her field of vision.It has the opposite effect from magnification, which reduces the field of vision.Scamp came around and stood in my line of vision.The tiny device is surgically implanted in an outpatient procedure within the eye, just outside the field of vision.Without turning my head, I see them as clearly as though in my normal field of vision.grand/powerful/original etc visionBasques, too, had a powerful vision of their own different identity and special history.The pride, excitement, and extraordinary accomplishments Byrd refers to came in response to what was obviously a grand vision.Rice had a powerful and original vision, and the charisma to instill that vision in others.A major departure from his original vision was the rejection of a seven year course - but other concepts were accepted.Daimler will either be a monument to his original vision, or just another lame duck.The cap, then, falls within an overall grand vision of chanciness and risk.New organization designs can portray powerful visions to guide people to work together in new ways needed to deliver performance and a visionFortunately ... So you don't believe in a vision of one Nation, in the Republican sense of the word?Any changes in vision should be monitored carefully and everyone should have an eye check every two years.What happens if you run fast forward in vision?She says that an angel appeared to her in a vision.He wanted her in vision far more; he thought she had the kind of personality that viewers would take to.Even the parts of its brain involved in vision are much reduced.It was as if the man for whom I was fated had appeared to me in a vision.Many of these problems seem to have a parallel in vision processing.He did not trust in visions.breadth of visionEdith Pye complemented her friend's daring breadth of vision with her own genius for detailed organization.
Origin vision (1200-1300) Old French Latin visio, from visus, past participle of videre to see