Word family noun violencenon-violence violator violation adjective violentnon-violent verb violate adverb violently
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishviolentvi‧o‧lent /ˈvaɪələnt/ ●●● S3 W3 adjective 1 involving actions that are intended to injure or kill people, by hitting them, shooting them etc the increase in violent crime violent clashes between the police and demonstrators Thirty-one people have been injured in violent incidents throughout the day. The riots ended in the violent deaths of three teenagers.2 someone who is violent is likely to attack, hurt, or kill other people SYN aggressive My father was a violent and dangerous man. He had a reputation for turning violent (=suddenly attacking people).3 showing very strong angry emotions or opinionsviolent quarrel/argument/row etc They had a violent quarrel and John stormed out.4 violent feelings are strong and very difficult to control They took a violent dislike to each other. She has a violent temper.5 violent headache/fit etc6 violent film/play/drama7 a violent storm/earthquake/explosion etc8 extremely bright Her cheeks turned a violent red colour.COLLOCATIONSnounsa violent crimeHe has a number of convictions for violent crime.a violent attackBlacks were more often victims of violent attacks than other ethnic groups.a violent deathNo French king died a violent death during this period.a violent clashThere were violent clashes between police and protesters.a violent incidentViolent incidents such as kidnapping dropped sharply last year.violent acts/behaviourHis dad terrified them all with his violent behaviour.a violent protest/demonstrationThis incident sparked violent demonstrations outside the airbase.adverbsvery/extremely violentan extremely violent attackincreasingly violentOver the past year, his behavior has become increasingly violent. THESAURUSviolent /ˈvaɪələnt/ using force to hurt or kill people – used about people, crimes etc. Also used about films or books that contain a lot of violencea violent man who couldn’t control his temperthe increase in violent crimeThe film is too violent to be shown to children.vicious /ˈvɪʃəs/ violent and dangerous, and seeming to enjoy hurting people for no reasona vicious attack on an unarmed manWe were surrounded by a gang of vicious thugs, armed with knives.rough /rʌf/ using force or violence, but not causing serious injurySome of the boys were being a bit rough with the younger kids.There were complaints about rough treatment by the police.brutal /ˈbruːtl/ behaving in a way that is very cruel and violent, and showing no pityIdi Amin was a brutal dictator.a particularly brutal murder The prison guards were brutal and corrupt.savage /ˈsævɪdʒ/ attacking people in a particularly cruel way – used about people and fighting, especially in news reportsa savage killer There was savage fighting in the capital Mogadishu.bloody a bloody battle or war is very violent and a lot of people are killed or injureda bloody civil warThe Russians were engaged in a bloody battle against the German army. ferocious /fəˈrəʊʃəs/ a ferocious attack or battle is extremely violent. Also used about animals that are likely to attack in a very violent wayThe two armies fought a ferocious battle.a ferocious beastIt was the most ferocious attack I have ever seen.fierce a fierce animal or person looks frightening and likely to attack peopleA fierce dog stood growling at the gate.Bears are always fierce when they have young.fierce bodyguardsbloodthirsty a bloodthirsty person enjoys watching violence. A bloodthirsty story contains a lot of violent scenesIn Mexico, humans were sacrificed to bloodthirsty gods. a bloodthirsty tale of revengegory showing or describing injuries, blood, death etc clearly and in detaila gory horror movieThe book was too gory for many readers.
Examples from the Corpus
violentI think Tarantino's films are too violent.Outrage at the injustices erupted in violent acts.It is dramatic and violent and beautiful-no native of the island could not have believed in a volcano goddess.a violent coughing fitViolent crime has decreased in the last decade.Overall crime rates fell by 2.7 % in the year to March, but violent crime increased.Everyone is worried about the increase in violent crime.Adam screamed, loud and violent, in his attempt to absorb the pain.Travellers to the country have been urged to avoid large crowds, which have occasionally turned violent in the past.My father was a violent man who couldn't control his temper.a violent overthrow of the governmentChapter 5 looks at attempts to explain violent political dissent and the surge of revolutionary movements.Do violent programmes and video games really cause people to become more aggressive?There was a violent protest outside the court, and a police officer was injured.But critics say the police seem intent on provoking a violent reaction.violent street gangsJoe has a violent temper.The governor handled the violent uncertainties of his country, the incessant bloodletting, a lot better than I did.violent crimeThe last two years have seen a dramatic increase in violent crime.All but one had been convicted for violent crimes.The state executes drug smugglers, murderers, rapists and those convicted of other violent crimes.There is now much more public demand for support to the victims of violent crime.The policy shift was triggered by a sharp increase in violent crimes committed by young offenders during the late 1980s.Invariably, it appears in any news story about a violent crime in a small town or city.Home Office criminologists stress that the rise in violent crime is largely made up of an explosion in acquaintance violence.In Vista, for example, arrests for violent crimes nearly doubled, from 26 in 1990 to 47 last year.This detail may not make the annual recorded crime figures, showing another rise in violent crime, seem much more palatable.turning violentThe staff told me to stay well away because she had a reputation for turning violent.violent quarrel/argument/row etcBut she filed for divorce in June last year after a series of violent rows.The atmosphere between the three personalities was electric and one day there was a violent quarrel.To an Elf or a Dwarf, they seem to be having a violent argument.There was violent argument and vituperation on both sides.Police interviewed a neighbour, Mrs Enstone, who described violent rows between the couple.Whenever Woolridge did call on his wife, a violent row ensued.One night, after a violent row, Marion ran up to her room and locked the door.Even a violent argument will leave you mentally high and quite unfit to fly.
Origin violent (1300-1400) Old French Latin violentus