Word family noun violencenon-violence violator violation adjective violentnon-violent verb violate adverb violently
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violationvi‧o‧la‧tion /ˌvaɪəˈleɪʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun [countable, uncountable] 1 SCCan action that breaks a law, agreement, principle etc human rights violationsviolation of a violation of international lawin violation of something Troops crossed the border in violation of the agreement.2 an action that causes harm or damage by treating someone or their possessions without respectCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + violation a serious violationThe committee said there had been serious violations of Senate rules.a gross violation (=a very serious violation)They had committed gross violations of the law.a clear violationThis is a clear violation of privacy rights.a flagrant/blatant violation (=a very clear violation)The act of shooting down a civilian aircraft was a flagrant violation of international law.human rights violations (=violations of every person's right to be treated fairly and without cruelty)There have been protests about human rights violations at the prison.a traffic violationSpeeding is one of the most common traffic violations.a ceasefire violationEach side accused the other of ceasefire violationsOne oil rig worker blew the whistle on safety violations by his drilling company.verbscommit a violationSeveral soldiers were suspected of committing human rights violations.constitute a violation formal (=be a violation)The actions may constitute a violation of the treaty.
Examples from the Corpus
violationAny further fighting will be seen as a violation of the ceasefire agreement.Some public watchdogs say the council is dangerously close to a violation of the Open Meeting Law.His opponents say his return was a violation of a town code calling for direct election of the mayor.The Sons filed the lawsuit about three weeks later, seeking $ 1,000 for each alleged violation by the state.Rape, in her view, is aimed at humiliation and violation.The United Nations described the invasion as 'a flagrant violation of international law'.The way they treat women there represents a gross violation of human rights.The UK government was found to be in violation of the European violation of somethingFirst, the parties can not enter into any contractual negotiations that are in violation of constitutional law.Police would begin by warning sidewalk solicitors that they are in violation of vagrancy laws.Previously, companies in violation of rules on labelling were able to prolong negotiations over years.The Sedition Act was repealed several years later but never declared in violation of the First Amendment.He alleges Woods paid a personal attorney with state funds in violation of state law.Stacey Koon was too lenient, in violation of federal sentencing guidelines.Segregation on the basis of race is a denial of equal protection in violation of the Constitution. 38a.Besides, citizens can not be required to complete forms that might incriminate them in violation of the Fifth Amendment.
From King Business Dictionaryviolationvi‧o‧la‧tion /ˌvaɪəˈleɪʃən/ noun1[countable, uncountable] an action that breaks a law, agreement, principle etcEmployers who fail to comply can be fined £5,000 per violation.their blatant violation of the law2in violation of if something is in violation of a law, agreement, principle etc, it breaks itShe was accused of starting a competing business in violation of her contract.