Word family noun view overview preview review viewer reviewer verb view preview review
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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viewerview‧er /ˈvjuːə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable] 1 WATCHsomeone who watches television The new series has gone down well with viewers.2 someone who looks at something In the painting, the woman has her back to the viewer.3 TCPa small box with a light in it used to look at slides (=colour photographs on special film)
Examples from the Corpus
viewerSome shows are cancelled before they get a chance to attract any viewers.But it also means more ad clutter for the average viewer.The Government said it would widen choice for viewers and listeners, safeguard quality programming and bring greater competition and efficiency.Both had poor ratings in a crowded marketplace, with almost two dozen syndicated talk shows scrapping for viewers every day.More than 15 million viewers now own a zapper.The concert was seen by 500 million viewers around the world.It's local news attracts more viewers than any other region.Ulene is still surprised by the eagerness of viewers.The networks have lost a substantial number of viewers to cable and video rentals.Millions of television viewers tuned in to the president's speech.He had this intuitive sense of what the viewer wanted.The network is trying to attract younger viewers.a programme that appeals to younger viewers
From King Business Dictionaryviewerview‧er /ˈvjuːə-ər/ noun [countable] someone who watches televisionThe new series has gone down well with viewers.