From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvideovid‧e‧o1 /ˈvɪdiəʊ $ -dioʊ/ ●●● S1 W2 noun (plural videos) 1 [countable, uncountable]TCR a copy of a film or television programme, or a series of events, recorded on videotapehire a video British English, rent a video American English How much does it cost to hire videos? Let’s stay at home and watch a video. Rewind the video right to the beginning. The school will be making a video of the play.on video The movie has not yet been released on video. coming soon to a video store near you2 [countable]TCR a plastic box containing special tape for recording programmes and films on television SYN videotape, video cassette Have we got a blank video (=one with nothing recorded on it yet) anywhere?3 [countable] British EnglishTCR a machine used to record television programmes or show videos SYN VCR, video cassette recorderprogramme/set the video Can you set the video to record the football match?4 [uncountable]AMTTCB the process of recording or showing television programmes, films, real events etc on videotape The course aims to help children learn through video.5 [countable] a short film that is made to go with a particular piece of popular music SYN music video6 [countable] a digital recording of an event, for example one made using a mobile phone a video clip shown on the InternetCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 4: the process of recording or showing television programmes, films, real events etc on videotapevideo + NOUNvideo footagePolice are currently studying video footage to identify the rioters.a video recordingCan a video recording of an interview with a child be used in a court as evidence?a video image (=a moving picture on a video)Video images of the surgery are sent to a special lecture theatre, so that students can observe.a video clip (=a short video)You can download video clips from the evidence (=a recording of events, used in a court)Video evidence of illegal activities can later be used in court.verbsrecord something on videoShe had no idea that her purchase was being recorded on captured/caught on video (=recorded on video)The crime was captured on video.
Examples from the Corpus
videoLet's rent a video tonight.I mean, who wants a video of Nottingham Forest or Derby County?A secretly-filmed video details what are claimed to be breaches of regulations meant to protect animals.Then they're made to watch graphic videos of the potential results of their crimes.I did a very poignant malaria detection kit video.Communication has changed greatly in the age of video.A standard disc could contain only 25 seconds of video.What makes it special is it is a personalized video where you are part of the action.And I have got to say, I have watched that video of her on the stage over and over again.the video storevideo storeChoosing a video store is a very personal decision.As currently envisioned, video on demand is merely a cheaper or more convenient replacement for the corner video store.Ernie just got paid from his video store job so he bought several rounds of rum and cokes.In my neighborhood video store yesterday, I spotted a typical soft-core offering.Clearly, then, extenuating factors such as the attraction of video stores and the ability to browse are sometimes overlooked.When bad weather turns up, one of the first places people turn to is the video store.By the way, who is managing the video store now Barry has jacked it in?blank videoAs far as minimum requirements go, you will need to take at least one blank video cassette with you. programme/set the videoHe had set the video up earlier in the evening while Elaine was making supper.But I am teaching them how to programme the video properly, Mr Lang.
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videovideo2 verb (videoed, videoing) [transitive] British English TCRto record a television programme, film, or a real event on a video SYN videotape, tape American English Could you video the movie at 8.00? A friend videoed the wedding.
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Examples from the Corpus
videoFor the band's first shows, Towa was onstage, videoing, taking photographs, appearing to operate this and that.Volunteers at the centre have been videoing this pair of kingfishers and so far it looks as though the experiment is a success.
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videovideo3 adjective [only before noun]TCRTCB relating to or used in the process of recording and showing pictures on televisionaudio video production video materials for language teaching
Examples from the Corpus
videoYour full-motion video advisers will be William Shatner as Capt.Mitra installed a video camera on a tree nearby to watch over the kiosk and observe what the children did.But the real thrill for some riders is the chance to perform for the video camera.Covert video cameras and hand-held laser devices will be among the equipment used at weekends, they equipmentOn the video footage, which was shot by investigators the spring after the nightmare, birds twitter.The video ref gave it and Lansdowne Road erupted, especially after O'Gara added the conversion from wide on the touchline.Choosing a video store is a very personal decision.The video version was shot at Stonehenge.
From King Business Dictionaryvideovid‧e‧o /ˈvɪdiəʊ-dioʊ/ noun1[countable] a copy of a film or television programme recorded on videotapea video shop2[countable, uncountable] a videotapea blank videoThe movie was released on DVD and on video.3[countable] British English a video cassette recorderSYNVCR4[uncountable] the process of recording and showing television programmes, films, real events etc using video equipmentInteractive learning has been greatly advanced by the introduction of gamesOrigin video3 (1900-2000) Latin videre to see + English -o (as in audio)