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vascularvas‧cu‧lar /ˈvæskjələ $ -ər/ adjective medical HBAHBPrelating to the tubes through which liquids flow in the bodies of animals or in plants vascular disease
Examples from the Corpus
vascularTo introduce the postoperative medical and nursing care of patients with peripheral vascular disease. 6.Most of the patients studied were free of clinically detectable vascular disease.This would enable prospective studies to be performed to determine the importance of platelet function in the development of vascular disease.Moreover, ICAM-1 participates in the transient adhesion of leucocytes to the vascular endothelium and mediates, in part, granulocyte extravasation.The device uses radiation to destroy tumors and vascular malformations with pinpoint accuracy.Intermittent Headache Headaches separated by period of days or weeks usually fall into the vascular or muscle-contraction categories.In the fundus and corpus of the stomach an increase in superficial vascular pattern was visible.vascular tissueAn auto-immune disease ensued, with destruction of nervous and vascular tissue.
Origin vascular (1600-1700) Modern Latin vascularis, from Latin vasculum small container, from vas; VASE