From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvaryvar‧y /ˈveəri $ ˈveri/ ●●● S3 W2 AWL verb (varied, varying, varies) 1 [intransitive]DIFFERENT if several things of the same type vary, they are all different from each other SYN differ Test scores vary from school to school. The heights of the plants vary from 8 cm to 20 cm.vary in flowers that vary in color and size Medical treatment varies greatly from state to state. Cooking times may vary slightly, depending on your oven. Charges vary according to size. She has tried different diets with varying degrees of success. tests of varying levels of difficulty2 [intransitive]CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENT if something varies, it changes depending on the situation Quentin’s mood seems to vary according to the weather. ‘What do you wear when you go out?’ ‘Well, it varies.’3 [transitive]CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENT to change something to make it different My doctor said I should vary my diet more.GrammarVary belongs to a group of verbs where the same noun can be the subject of the verb or its object. You can say: Banks can vary the interest rate. In this sentence, ‘the interest rate’ is the object of vary.You can say: The interest rate can vary. In this sentence, ‘the interest rate’ is the subject of vary.COLLOCATIONSadverbsconsiderably/greatly/widelyThe amount of food available varies considerably from season to season.enormouslyFarm sizes vary enormously within Europe.significantlyThe software seems similar, but performance can vary significantly.slightlyThe cooking time may vary slightly depending on your oven.wildly (=a lot)Prices varied wildly from store to store.nounsvarying degreesShe was involved in a number of car accidents of varying degrees of seriousness.varying levelsChildren with varying levels of ability can still be taught together.varying sizesa set of jars of varying sizesvarying amountsTap water may contain varying amounts of rust, grit and silt. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
vary"How much milk do you use a day?" "Oh, it varies."Methods of treatment vary according to the age and general health of the patient.The nature and quantity of protein adsorbed depends upon the fluid in question, and varies according to the type of surface.Assessments varied as to how much impact sanctions had achieved.Salaries of assistant managers also varied because of differences in duties and responsibilities.Her income varies considerably from one month to the next.Prices of video cameras vary considerably.During different attacks there may be varying degrees of severity.The process will vary depending on the individual and the nature of the conflict.Ticket prices to New York vary, depending on the time of year.The amount of shearing or elongation which a ductile material will withstand varies enormously between different metals and alloys.It hadn't been established where we'd all sleep - the location seemed to vary from night to night.Test scores vary from school to school.Driving regulations vary from state to state.One of Dickens' great skills as a writer is the way he varies his style.Vegetables vary in quality according to the season.The hotel rooms vary in size, but all have televisions and telephones.It allows organisms to protect their essential dynamical properties in the face of environmental changes by varying less essential dynamical properties.Warhol often varied the colors slightly from one print to the next.To obtain the nutrients you need, vary the foods you eat.Good writers vary the length and structure of their sentences.Teachers can keep students' interest by varying their classes.If you're bored with the trip to work, try varying your route.varying levelsThere are positive implications for the providers of well organized clubs offering guidance and instruction at varying levels.Arguments may continue at varying levels about what completing the internal market does or should mean.One of these, designated B9, was expressed sparsely in terminal placenta and with varying levels in most other tissues.This produces structures of different detail at varying levels of abstraction.Recall that, although workers in the sector possess identical skills, they have varying levels of commitment to the union.This is an excellent set-up that allows for varying levels of dexterity in the users.All creatures contain, within themselves, their own individual characteristics of mind and being, determining their varying levels of intelligence.The project will try to explain varying levels of motivation to work in new technology varies"How often do you play tennis?" "Oh, it varies."Prevalence of obesity Obesity appears to be related to cultural practice as it varies according to class.This coloration is not a constant character; it varies according to the light.Access to it varies by social class.To the extent that training is provided, it varies greatly in nature, quality, duration, and goals.However, the criminal law is not fixed and static, it varies over time and from area to area.Another strange quality of warning coloration is that it varies remarkably little from one species to the next.This synthesizer is by far the best I have heard because it varies the intonation and doesn't speak like a Dalek.The difficulty of removing it varies with the type of paper.
From King Business Dictionaryvaryvar‧y /ˈveəriˈveri/ verb (past tense and past participle varied)1[intransitive, transitive] if rates, costs, prices etc vary, or something varies them, they change when economic conditions changeMany professional investors vary the proportions of their portfolios invested in stocks.The returns on bonds for the first five months vary considerably.vary withPremiums vary with the age of the person insured and length of cover.2[intransitive] if several things of the same type vary, they are all different from each otherThough estimates vary widely, analysts generally expect investors to earn between £1 to £2 a share.The officesvaried in size from three to 14 rooms.varied adjectiveTheir business revenue increased 16%, reflecting gains invaried product lines.→ See Verb tableOrigin vary (1300-1400) Old French varier, from Latin variare, from varius; VARIOUS