From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvariousvar‧i‧ous /ˈveəriəs $ ˈver-/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective [usually before noun] 1 VARIOUS/OF DIFFERENT KINDSif there are various things, there are several different types of that thing The jacket is available in various colours. There are various ways to answer your question. He decided to leave school for various reasons.2 many and various
Examples from the Corpus
variousIn recent days, I have spoken to women of various classes, colors and ages, and we all agree.I had to sign various documents before they would let me into the country.Next in order come the Homeric Hymns, poems written to honor various gods.How royal conflicts could engage these various interests is best seen through a detailed investigation of one particular crisis.Varley was its unpaid pastor until 1882 and experimented with various means of evangelizing and meeting the social needs of the poor.The study evaluates various methods of weight loss.The committee has asked various people for their opinions.Long held various positions at the company before becoming president.The Ministry of Education has issued various reports suggesting things have to change.Subsequent chapters are devoted to mastering various techniques and manoeuvres.for various reasonsThe CEBs represent a radical move for the church for various reasons.People who, for various reasons, could not walk, killed themselves in other ways.Unfortunately, there are many people who think of ideas but, for various reasons, don't voice them.Thus, it seems likely that some women, for various reasons, have more trouble premenstrually than others.Buildings are stiffened for various reasons other than avoiding their collapse.But many people, for various reasons, refuse to use lithium or other medications that control the illness.Estimates of the number that will not be tossed out for various reasons run from 50 percent to 80 percent.We have not forgotten this offer, although for various reasons we have not been able to develop an idea until now.
Origin various (1500-1600) Latin varius