Word family noun valuables value values valuation valuer overvaluationundervaluation devaluation adjective valuable invaluable overvaluedundervalued valueless valued verb value devalue overvalueundervalue
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvaluableval‧u‧a‧ble /ˈvæljuəbəl, -jəbəl $ ˈvæljəbəl/ ●●● W3 adjective 1 VALUEworth a lot of money OPP worthless a valuable painting Their most valuable belongings were locked in a safe in the bedroom.2 USEFULvaluable help, advice, information etc is very useful because it helps you to do something Muriel has made a valuable contribution to our company’s success. a job that gave him valuable experience3 IMPORTANTimportant because there is only a limited amount available SYN precious I won’t waste any more of your valuable time.THESAURUSworth a lot of moneyvaluable worth a lot of money and expensive to buya valuable piece of jewelleryThe carpet is extremely valuable.priceless so valuable that it is impossible to calculate a pricea priceless painting by RembrandtThe statue is priceless.precious metal/stone precious metals such as gold, or stones such as diamonds are very rare and expensive Back in ancient times, coins contained precious metals.The ring was set with dozens of precious stones.worth a lot/a fortune informal to be worth a very large amount of moneySome rare baseball cards are worth a fortune.very special and importantprecious very special and important to someone – used about people or thingsMy family have always been precious to me. His free time was very precious to him.the place where I kept my most precious thingsprized very special and important to someone, so that they want very much to keep it or obtain itThe book was one of his most prized possessions.The shells are prized for their beauty (=are considered to be very special).treasured very special and important to someone, especially because it is connected with someone they lovethe case in which she kept her most treasured possessionsThe holiday was now a treasured memory.a treasured gift from her grandmotherirreplaceable extremely special and important, especially because it is the only one of its kindThe manuscripts are said to be irreplaceable.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: valuable help, advice, information etc is very useful because it helps you to do somethingnounshelpThere can be no doubt that this sort of help is valuable for teachers.adviceThe booklet contains valuable advice for new mothers.informationThe police were contacted by a number of people who had valuable information about the bombings.experienceThe experience you can gain in a small advertising agency will be very valuable.contributionHe made a valuable contribution to our work.assetIf you have a good network of contacts, you have a valuable asset.sourceFish are a valuable source of protein.toolExercise is a valuable tool in treating depression.verbsprove valuable (=be valuable for someone)This advice was to prove valuable.
Examples from the Corpus
valuableDon't lose this ring -- it's very valuable.Joyce gave us a lot of valuable advice when we first started the company.Nuclear power makes a valuable contribution to the environment by curbing carbon dioxide emissions.This exercise would also offer valuable cross-curricular links.You've caused me to lose a whole valuable day's work.Besides her studio apartment, she also owns a valuable estate in Italy.The general appearance of the holding, its grass, crops, and animals, give a valuable first impression.While it is valuable for children to have individual responsibilities, it is also good to share jobs with them.Rogers had purchased a valuable Hebrew manuscript from a dealer in Jerusalem.First, this phase - though valuable - is obviously highly vulnerable.I think we've all learned a valuable lesson today.The state of California includes among its natural endowments an unusual variety of valuable marine mammals.a valuable piece of farmlandValuable time was wasted correcting Dan's mistakes.Your knowledge and experience would be very valuable to us.
From King Business Dictionaryvaluableval‧u‧a‧ble /ˈvæljuəbəl, -jəbəlˈvæljəbəl/ adjective worth a lot of moneyThe falling dollar makes US company profits less valuable.The fuel oil will be converted into more valuable products, such as gasoline.