From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishupholsteryup‧hol‧ster‧y /ʌpˈhəʊlstəri $ -ˈhoʊl-/ noun [uncountable] 1 DHFTIMmaterial used to cover chairs2 DHFthe process of covering chairs with material
Examples from the Corpus
upholsteryThe seats use metal springs with foam covering and upholstery in cloth, velour or leather.Friendly showroom with very wide selection of fabrics, carpets and wallpapers as well as furniture, lampshades and upholstery.Then, at nightfall, she came out of the desert in a sleek automobile with bloody upholstery.It will help you when it comes to choosing upholstery, blinds, curtains, rugs, carpets and general accessories.The completed upholstery was finished at the point where it was to be fixed in the coach.Our tester had just one option, leather seat upholstery, for $ 550.The interior was still waiting for its first clean and the upholstery felt as if it had been textured in buff nicotine.The bottle shattered in the back of the car, the petrol saturating and sticking to the upholstery.
Origin upholstery (1600-1700) upholster dealer in small goods, upholsterer ((15-18 centuries)), from uphold