From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunusualun‧u‧su‧al /ʌnˈjuːʒuəl, -ʒəl/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective UNUSUALdifferent from what is usual or normal an unusual feature unusual circumstances It’s unusual for Dave to be late. It’s not unusual (=it is quite common) to feel very angry in a situation like this.COLLOCATIONSadverbsvery/most/highly unusualGandhi was a most unusual politician.extremely unusualWe’ve not had any snow yet, which is extremely unusual.rather/somewhat/quite/fairly unusualThe design of the house was somewhat unusual.phrasesnothing unusualThere is nothing unusual about the arrangement.something unusualWe want to know if anyone saw something unusual last night.anything unusualDid you notice anything unusual about him? THESAURUSevents/situationsunusual different from what usually happensWe had snow in May, which is very unusual.rare not happening very often, or existing only in small numbersViolent crimes are rare.Hatton gathered many rare plants from all over the world.exceptional /ɪkˈsepʃənəl/ very unusual and happening very rarelyNinety-day visas can be extended only in exceptional circumstances.The presence of a jury in a civil trial is now quite exceptional.out of the ordinary unusual and surprising or specialIt was a small village where nothing out of the ordinary ever seemed to happen.freak extremely unusual and unexpected – used about an accident, storm etcA freak wave wrecked most of the seafront.Their car was crushed by a tree in a freak accident.unprecedented /ʌnˈpresədentəd/ if something is unprecedented, it has never happened before – often used about successes and achievementsAn unprecedented number of students have received top grades.This kind of deal is unprecedented.unheard of if something is unheard of, it has never happened or been done before – used especially when something seems very surprising to people at that timeIn our small town, this kind of crime was almost unheard of.unheard-of luxuries such as electric windows and air-conditioning people/behaviour/methods etceccentric behaving in a way that seems rather strange but not frighteningThe house was owned by an eccentric millionaire.eccentric behaviourunconventional very different from the way people usually behave, think, dress etc, often in a way that seems interestingHis parents had a rather unconventional lifestyle, and let their children do whatever they pleased.His approach to business may seem unconventional, but he certainly gets results. unorthodox unorthodox ideas or methods are different from the usual ones, and therefore seem surprising to many peopleHe is known for his unorthodox political views.unorthodox teaching methods
Examples from the Corpus
unusualThey had seen and heard nothing unusual.Louise makes hats that are eye-catching and unusual.We had snow in April, which is very unusual.He had an unusual ability to rise above the prejudices of his generation.To a lawyer it was an unusual and dangerous kind of will.I first met Maria in unusual circumstances -- we were both stuck in a Brazilian airport.The long, stout spines are an unusual feature which discriminates this species from other gastropods.a very unusual flavorIt's unusual for Dave to be late.We were beginning to worry. It was unusual for David to be so late.She had an unusual last name - Peachtree or Plumtree or something like that.Yuri invited me to sample some of Osaka's more unusual restaurants.And it is taking the unusual step of buying ownership stakes in some projects.Alan's work shows unusual talent and originality.It is unusual to find lakes of this size in Britain.And yet it is not unusual to hear of problems.It’s not unusualDepression It's not unusual for many women to feel depressed a few days after giving birth.