From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunlikeun‧like1 /ʌnˈlaɪk/ ●●● W3 preposition 1 DIFFERENTcompletely different from a particular person or thing Tammy was unlike any other woman I have ever known.2 TYPICAL#not typical of someone at all It’s unlike Greg to be late.3 used when saying how one person or thing is different from another Unlike most people in the office, I don’t come to work by car.4 not unlike
Examples from the Corpus
unlikeAshley was unlike any woman I have ever known.
unlikeunlike2 adjective literary DIFFERENTnot alike SYN differentsee thesaurus at different
Examples from the Corpus
unlikeNot unlike Anglican Bishops, he felt, impressive enough in bulk but with tiny, tiny heads.Prostration comes in spells, unlike Arsenicum where it is continuous.Cellulose, unlike cotton duck and linen, does not contract or expand due to atmospheric conditions.She believes she is doing a public service not unlike doctors or firemen.For years it had been unlike Jenny to notice, or at least to comment upon, what time he arrived home.And, unlike most other House panels, the ethics committee conducts virtually all of its business behind closed doors.But Iraty has survived gloriously, unlike other local forests, which were exploited half to death.The situation is not unlike that in astronomy after the Copernican revolution.Fanny argues that her temper and Henry's are too unlike to get married.
unlikeunlike3 verb [transitive] to show on Facebook that you no longer like or agree with something, after showing that you liked it